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Lifecoachestoolbox.com's articles are designed to help you unpack all aspects of life. In most cases, all you need to do is read the information - the articles are designed to allow the thoughts to move into your conscious mind.

The articles fall into a few key categories that are listed and accessible above.

It seems too easy to bring real mental and emotion relief... But each little aha-moment, or moment of awareness, brings a small amount of relief from psychic pain, worry and anxiety. Before you know it, you've mined through all the information that you need for your journey.

🗺  Global Check-Ins

These articles were made on specific days to log global energies, but each article contains a whack of information.
Energies occurring on certain dates can repeat throughout future months and years, and are good for referencing past insights.

😱  Shock & Emotional Trauma

Articles to help you deal with shock & trauma, release negativity, anger & fear, and accept tough situations like death.

♒  The Age of Aquarius

What is the Age of Aquarius?
Understand what the upcoming global shift means, and how you can navigate through unity energy while living in the secular or 3D world.

🌐  5D Living & the Morphic Field

Expanded Age of Aquarius Understanding: What are the dimensions of creation, how are we transitioning through them, and what is the morphic & how does it work?

💡  Lightworkers, Spiritual Journeyers & Empaths

Articles for lightworkers, spiritual journeyers, and empaths to help explain what you're experiencing - as well as basic knowledge you need for your path.

🛠  Practical Tools For Lightworkers

Practical articles for lightworkers, spiritual journeyers, and empaths to help you process more and speed up your growth on the spiritual journey.

📈  Coaching Strategies

Coaching strategies for depression, anxiety, inner voice, meetings, children, breakups, diets - you name it!

😈  Ego

Fully comprehend what ego is, how it affects your spiritual journey, and how to use ego to speed along your path.

💀  Ego Deaths, Trials by Fire, & Dark Nights of the Soul

What's the difference between ego deaths, trials by fire and dark nights of the soul? As well as resources to help you through and understand each of these concepts.

🛐  Faith & Forgiveness

Understand what forgiveness is and how to use it, what the lessons of faith are, what God is, and all sorts of prayers from A Course in Miracles.

🙏  Prayers

Understand what forgiveness is and how to use it, what the lessons of faith are, what God is, and all sorts of prayers from A Course in Miracles.

💧  Shifting & Energy Healing

Articles to help show you the benefits of shifting & healing, how to shift & heal properly and quickly, and what to do when shifting & healing goes wrong.

🤕  Healing Modalities

Articles to help you heal after emotional traumas, as well as daily basics to restore practical functionality.

🎭  The Mirrors of Relationship

What are the Mirrors of Relationship and how do they fit into your relationships & spiritual journey?

💸  Money

Articles speaking about money in society currently, how a world without money is the way to go, and articles on manifestation to help lightworkers understand why they aren't able to make money.

📅  Careers & the Workplace

Resources to help you feel more focused, restore creativity, and navigate the career world while on a spiritual path.

👥  Social & Societal Issues

Understand what is going on in the world from a spiritual point of view - including topics like Trump, political correctness, the problem with money, LGBTQ & more.

☝  Singles

What is love, what are relationships, and why do you long for them?

💋  Romantic Relationships

Articles to help you build trust, work through fights & issues, and bonding & grounding techniques for relationships.

💞  Twin Flames & Soulmates

When you find a relationship that is deeper, more connected, and more passionate than any other relationship you've had before - you might be looking at your twin flame or soulmate. These relationships are stronger and have specific ways of dealing with them.

💔  Breakups

Whether you want to get back together, stop the pain of a breakup, or just figure out why this happened - we have articles for it all.