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Coaching Disclaimer

  1. Session bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment.
  2. Sessions canclled less than 12 hours in advance will be charged for in full.
  3. Access to coaching services and all online facilities, including the client zone, will be withdrawn until outstanding payments are settled.
  4. Access to the client zone will be suspended two months after your last appointment.
  5. Energy coaching does not replace the services of a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. You understand this and choose to pursue this avenue at your own risk.
  6. You may not pursue legal action against Chemory Gunko under any circumstances whatsoever, and agree that this oath is legally binding on your conscience and valid in any country around the world.
  7. Your data is being stored in an online system. You give permission to Chemory Gunko to work with, receive and move this data across borders as necessary.
    Information will not be given to third party vendors for marketing purposes. We respect your privacy.

Medical Disclaimer

The processes contained in this resurce are intended for personal use only, or for use by Life Coaches and Mentors.

None of the processes or ideas suggested in the resource are meant to replace professional medical assistance or take the place of psychiatric or psychological counseling.

If you are battling to cope emotionally or function on a day-today basis, or you feel you can’t cope or those around you have suggested you cannot cope, you are strongly urged to seek professional medical assistance immediately.


Copyright subsists in this material and it may not be replicated or duplicated without permission.

The majority of the processes and all the illustrations contained within the book are the original work of the author.

This work may not be replicated, duplicated or altered without the written permission of the author, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Copyright Credits

Original vector packs and imagery were variously purchased from:

Final layouts and illustrations are solely the creation and copyright of the author, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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