Areas of Focus Include:

  • Growing your Spiritual Knowledge
  • How to work with the Holy Spirit as a Guide
  • Processing Life Experiences and Trauma
  • Shadow Work, Ego Mitigation, and Ego Deaths & Traps
  • Mirrors of Relationship
  • Understanding your Dark Night of the Soul
  • Releasing Physical Symptoms from Shifting, and Physical Tension or Pain
  • Working through Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss and Death
  • Energy systems, Chakras, and Meridian Balancing & Healing

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About Michel

I have been avoiding writing a bio about myself for around 2 years now.
I find it so hard to explain who I am because who I am changes every day and with every new experience.

And also maybe just a little bit of avoidance because I am afraid I will not be able to adequately express just how profound and impacting this spiritual journey has been for me - and how much I believe anyone has the ability to shift and grow towards peace and freedom.

I think the most important thing to know is that I am 100% dedicated to my spiritual journey and God.

I am beyond passionate about discovering the truth and will navigate through any obstacle God puts before me (even if I am a little resistant at first, lol) to gain the lessons and the spiritual knowledge that comes from experience.

I have spent many years studying current events, religion, spirituality, psychology, healing, cultures - to better understand myself and the world.

I try to see the big picture of what we are discovering and learning through our time on Earth.

I am a professionally trained Occupational Therapist. I have worked with people for years to uncover the root thoughts and emotions creating suffering in their lives.

All of the healing work I do with others is through the Holy Spirit. I hand everything over to HS and ask the HS to guide me and choose my thoughts for me.

When I am working with people, my only task is to step aside and let the Holy Spirit heal through our relationship.

I have benefited so much in my journey though studying A Course in Miracles and working with Chemory as a mentor and coach. There are no words to describe how much the spiritual path has changed me and my interaction with the world. I know the peace of God is within me.

I know I have an ever present guide in the Holy Spirit who can show me the way and help navigate any tough situation.

I would love to help anyone who is willing to learn.

I will help anyone who is willing to work with the Holy Spirit in order to heal and consciously evolve their soul. I would like to share all that has been offered and given to me, with anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see it!

I am not perfect and I still fail and fall over, a lot. But I always get back up and return to my journey.

I am here for anyone who would like a friend to walk beside them,to share in their faith, and encourage and support them when they could use a helping hand.
No one needs a mentor. All we need to do is ask the Holy Spirit for help.

But I know that working with someoone helps move you faster, gather more knowledge, and move through the pitfalls and the ego traps a little less dramatically, lol.

Quotes & Songs

The next two sections include some of my favourite Quotes and Songs.

I hope these help you understand a bit of who I am, so that you're sure I'm the right person to help you :)