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Understanding Shifting


Shifting is the process of bringing your subconscious thoughts, which you usually experience as emotions, to your conscious mind. You 'shift' them into your consciousness in order to release them from inside you.

Once you have 'shifted' the energy it is no longer inside you, and can no longer impact the way you feel, think about or experience your life.

  What is Shifting?


Watch the video below to understand the process of shifting & healing, and why we do it.

As with all the videos, they are linked online on YouTube and you will need Internet access to view them.

To read, or follow along with, the text of the video narration, click on the button below:


Imagine you're standing in a stadium, with 50,000 people, and all of a sudden, ALL of them start shouting something to you at the same time.

Notice how you can hear them, but you can't actually hear what any individual person is saying? Instead, however, you just get this 'feeling' of being overwhelmed & pressured, pressed.

Now imagine every one of those people in the stadium are thoughts inside of you, all screaming for your attention - screaming to be heard in your conscious mind.

Instead of hearing & seeing all those thoughts at once, you 'feel' an emotion - often one that overwhelms, upsets & unsettles you. It makes you feel uncomfortable in other words.

Let's put that into a practical experience for a second.

Listen to the following short soundtracks in order, from left to right. Each track represents what your inner thoughts (collectively happening as an emotion), would sound like, if you could hear them.

The tracks are best listened to with ear buds or earphones.

1. The equivalent of a single thought; normal baseline.

2. The equivalent of having a thought stuck in your head.

3. The equivalent of feeling out of control; mind is in overdrive.

4. The equivalent of feeling like you're going crazy.

Did you notice how, in each new track, it became harder and harder to think or focus? Just like you normally 'feel' when you're emotional?

The aim of ALL shifting (healing, coaching and therapy-style) work is to guide you to a place where you bring ALL of those uncomfortable thoughts to & through your conscious mind once, so that they can be 'shifted' & healed.

The rule of thumb is you only have to think a thought ONCE, on the conscious level, for no more than a second or two, in order to do enough to release it.

That's really it... see the question, answer it, break privacy further if you need to, and TRUST that it is gone.

I'm NEW to this!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... once upon a time I was new to all this. Buddha, Muhammad & Jesus were new to this as well... once upon a time.

Every time you approach something for the first time, you're new to it.

You don't know what to expect, what it will be like to do, how it's going to play out, the results you can expect, how long those results will take to realize - or even when to give up.

You are a pioneer on the journey called 'Your Life,' and you're moving blindly forward into the unknown, without any idea of where you're going, what you need, how long it will take to get there, who you can trust, who you will meet along the way - or even what failure or success could look like.

This! This is why we hold icons in such high esteem - they traversed paths no one was able to follow, and even thousands of years later, still can't understand.

But you're NOT...

I'm willing to bet you that there is AT LEAST once in your life when you had a thought & you were suddenly over something.

Like maybe you wanted to make a decision, say about moving somewhere, a job, or even a relationship, and you were in anguish about it - until a single conversation or thought changed your whole way of thinking & you found peace?

What you experienced is an a-ha moment, a moment of realization, a moment of clarity. You 'got it', the 'penny dropped', and you finally saw it clearly, or for what it is.

If you have ever even had the tiniest moment like that... like when the penny dropped & you finally 'understood' a piece of schoolwork or something you were learning... then you KNOW what to do here, because you've done this before.

The Mirrors of Relationship resource is a Question Generator Tool that will give you the questions you need to unearth all the a-ha moments (or statements) that lie between you & inner peace.

When those a-ha moments are all screaming together to be heard, it's too loud & you experience an emotion.

Once you've fished enough statements out of that pool of emotion that we call a belief system, you will be able to 'see' the remaining thoughts clearly and easily.

It's the difference between having 50,000 people all shouting at you, versus having a quiet coffee with 2 or 3 friends.

At first it feels like slow going because there are so many of them you have to get through, and your impatience will nail you. Also it's hard work - and we like quick fixes.

But take it from someone who spent DECADES at the mercy of healers and their studied modalities - you will never shift & grow faster than when you take matters into your own hands.

If you want to see real growth, modalities that empower you should always be your first choice.

How We Learn

When you first learn anything new, the path of learning follows four distinct phases.

1. Unconscious Competence - You are capable of doing this, you just have not yet learned the skills & don't know you can do it.

2. Conscious Incompetence - You've started doing this, and have become aware that you lack skills & expertise.

3. Conscious Competence - You've been doing this for a while & have gained some skills, expertise & knowledge, and are at least sure that you CAN perform the task to some degree.

4. Unconscious Competence - You've been doing this for so long that you can't believe that there was ever a time when you didn't know how to do this. It has become second nature, almost a habit.

Currently, you're at stage one. Give it some time - you'll get there.

About Statements

Have you ever noticed how, when someone has the same KIND of knowledge as you, it's so much EASIER to talk to them?

At first it's easy to think that this is because you have common ground, but actually it's more about the fact that you have common language.

The first good example of this is relationships - you know how every relationship has its 'inside jokes'? Jokes you can never explain to anyone?

Ever noticed how those inside jokes always repeat in something one of you says? Those inside jokes make up a 'language' or 'dialect' specific to your tribe, or relationship.

You see this occurring in countries to, where different provinces or regions speak different dialects of the same language, even though there is very little geography separating them.

In the workplace, we see this in jargon that streamlines communication.

So, an engineer may say 'cellphone tower', instead of 'tall, metal structure, disguised as a tree, that distributes cellular signals'.

It's easier - and shorter - to just say cellphone tower. It streamlines the conversation & enables you discuss the topic at a much higher level.

The point of the explanation though, is to illustrate how, at it's source, basically everything we do in life is about language & how we communicate. Shifting & healing are no different.

When you work with someone to really heal yourself, or in therapy & coaching, it's about helping you organize your mind & memories so that you can reach a thought of release.

This thought, when it passes through your conscious mind, brings relief, often answering a lingering doubt or question. This is your statement.

The questions in the Mirrors of Relationship tool are designed to help you find ALL of the a-ha moments (statements) you need to shift. Big or small, we'll find them all.

  Types of Lessons

At first, all your lessons will be about you, your life, and reaching personal happiness within the structured reality of the world that you currently 'see'.

Over time, this will evolve into seeking deeper levels of knowledge.

The way to avoid the pain & drama of suffering is to hop right on up to those higher level questions.

Personalized Lessons of Suffering

If you hear about someone cheating, you listen with interest maybe.

But if you think of yourself in their shoes (personalize), or draw on your own past painful example, then you immediately feel the fear and pain.

Try it... let's say someone was cold last night, maybe they froze to death? You feel some empathy sure... but what if I say it's YOUR child that froze to death...?

Even just READING the words shocked you.

You may give a passing thought to the cold homeless people, but if your child was lost outside on a freezing night, you'd get no sleep. You wouldn't be able to think about anything else in fact.

And if you don't have a child yourself, you would have felt shock because your empathy & compassion enables to put yourself into the shoes of a parent losing a child.

It becomes only EMOTIONALLY relevant to you when you attach a personal example or story and attach it to the people in your life.

If you want to break this cycle permanently, you need to train yourself to find higher level lessons in your shifts, because when you find the higher lesson, the need for the lower lessons fall away.

So an example is realizing you're not accepted by people unless you behave the way they want you to and give them what they want.

On a personal level, this hurts, because it's a reminder of your loneliness, isolation, lack of worth etc. It's a reminder that people don't want what you have to offer as you; they really only use you for what they can get. Stings hey?

However cycle that up to a god level lesson (how God views man), and it becomes the pattern of how people treat gods. They only turn to the gods when they need something or want something, using God like a servant, to fetch and carry.

Basically this is the way everyone treats divine beings by default - and this behavior is just a standard human behavior.

If it's just normal behavior, then it's not being done to you, it's just happening around you.

You have a choice about how you look at any lesson, and where you choose to focus.

You ALWAYS have a choice. So choose NOT to suffer!


You know what it's like when you get a realization or a-ha moment, and the penny drops on something, and you feel SOOOOOOOOOO STOOPID, because the answer seems sooooooo frigging OBVIOUS right now?

And you're thinking to yourself... 'Well DUH!'? Obviously! LOL... usually followed with, 'Seriously! How did I not see this before!?'

If you've ever wanted to know your purpose, that moment was it.

One of the hallmark features of this kind of a-ha moment is also that you 'feel' like a completely new person after it happens.

The reason for that is technically because you are a new person - you have completed a spiritual lifetime and got the big lesson you set out to get this lifetime.

Some people complete a huge amount of these, and some don't even finish one.

The goal is to try & finish one reshimo within your lifetime.

Singular reshimo, plural reshimot. The 't' is silent, so you pronounce them the same.

Spiritual Lessons

These lessons relating to your spirituality will help you understand the mysteries of the universe, as well as how God & man see & treat each other.

Messianic Lessons

Messianic Lessons are about how man relates to God through a veil of ego, and how God reaches out and compromises.

These are lessons of the Messiah - a person who would bring humanity closer to God, and therefore needs to understand humanity's (and ego's!) drivers.

God-level Lessons

God-level lessons are one step removed from Messianic lessons, and speak to how God views the choices of humanity, with the understanding of the veil of ego.

Where Messianic lessons are about bringing man closer to God, and helping man understand God, God-level lessons are about bringing God closer to man, and helping God understand man.

Cosmic Core Lessons

Cosmic Core lessons are about understanding the role that the original creation played in how we play out our lives, and identifying the patterns common to us all.

  Degrees of Personal Lessons

With EVERY SINGLE question you answer - no matter how briefly, or if it's in your head - you will inch up the Human Consciousness Scale, accessing more of the information that is available in the morphic field, as well as tapping into more processing processing power.

It's kind of like your mind's 'computer' parts get an upgrade - you get more memory and RAM. So, not only can you store greater volumes of information, but you can process it much more quickly as well.

This is reflected in the personal lessons you will receive, which are also going to grow in complexity as you progress.

Single Serving

Single Serving Lessons are the typical a-ha moments of realization you've become used to.

A hallmark of single serving lessons is that they are immersive & happen in isolation - the new idea usually completely replaces a previous concept.

For the first long part of your journey, lessons are immersive, because that is how we learn.

Immersive means that you are completely immersed in, or isolated with, the theme you're learning about.

For example, having no hope when you are in a period of doubt: if you had faith or hope in that moment, you would not truly be experiencing doubt.

You have to experience doubt in isolation, or be immersed in it, in order to truly understand it.

Since doubt is characterized by a lack of faith & hope, having access to those emotions would mean that your experience of doubt would be nullified or invalidated.

So you experience the doubt immersively for a period of time, and then you experience a new single serving thought that flips you back over into hope or faith again.

This new experience of hope or faith is then also usually immersive.

Duality Scales

After you've been going for a while, you're going to realize that stuff isn't as clear cut and black & white as you'd hoped, and lessons will begin to happen in pairs.

You may, for example, find yourself experiencing a surge of faith in one area, say your spiritual journey, while your faith in your ability to manifest money & meet your survival needs is cast into doubt.

You're not used to balancing a conflict like this, so at first you don't even notice that the two areas are related.

Eventually though, you will come down to a statement like, 'Why isn't God helping me with the money side of things? Am I doing something wrong?'

But, because you're looking for one answer to rule them all, you tend to brush things like that off, or personalize the mentality, buying into the idea of being a victim, or guilty, or inadequate.

That moment of realization was actually a core part of the lesson though - to experience the two themes together and find the connection & balancing point.

But, because ego is still in charge, and ego LURVES itself some hierarchy, you look to either your faith OR your DOUBT being the correct path.

However, the lesson is to FIND the connection and no longer see these themes in isolation.


It doesn't end there however - we're just starting to get warmed up in fact!

Pretty much just as you find your feet with duality scales, you're going to get thrown into the deep end with duality lessons of ALL-THAT-IS.

By the time you start with these, it will be becoming pretty much second nature to find the connections between seemingly unrelated stuff going on in your life.

At this point you are going to level up and see that EVERYTHING (ALL-THAT-IS), is connected.

So instead of just seeing faith & doubt, now you'll see faith & doubt, trust, hope, anxiety, fear, worry, over-thinking, your stress levels, confrontation, bad luck, and about a MILLION other connections.

If you were balancing scales before, now you're building 1-MILLION piece puzzles - and the picture won't make ANY sense until you get ALL of the pieces.

So one thing that happens here is that your lessons seem to take longer to finish, and you no longer seem to get as many joy surges and plateaus.

Over time, you will come to realize that these joy surges do nothing but delay you really. It was a carrot & stick method, favoring the carrot. Read more.

  Degrees of Spiritual Lessons

'All are called, but few choose to listen. Of those who answer, fewer stay the path.'

In a world that has made a sport out of denying God, we are seeing a surprising spiritual resurgence the past few years.

If you progress far enough on a personal development journey, it is inevitable that you will eventually come to a spiritual journey.

While the previous set of personal lessons were about navigating the perils of your own ego & dark, this set of lessons is about understanding the role of ego in creation, as well as how ego (mankind, life) interacts with Source (Universe, God).


The role of Messiah or Prophet, is one of a person who acts as a bridge between humanity & Source, or ego & God.

The lessons learned at this level are about how mankind views God, and vice versa.

If you had to place a Messiah & Prophet on a scale next to each other, you'd find the Messiah closer to ego & man, while the Prophet would be closer to Source & God.

With a much greater awareness of the experience, the Messiah cares more about how man views God, tailoring the message to suit the listener.

The Prophet, being further away from ego, and closer to God, cares more about delivering the message he or she has received, in the exact words it was received.

A Messiah helps you understand God, while a Prophet is more focused on spreading God's word.

The most common first Messianic lesson is 'I just have to have compassion for this person or situation.'

God Level

God Level Lessons are about understanding what everything looks like from God's point of view.

This means looking at life through a lens of positively aspected & balanced ego reactions - or with little to no ego at all.

Ego is a mechanism of separation - that is its job. Just like we can't get angry at a knife for murdering a person, we can't get angry at ego for doing it's job of separating things from one another.

This act of separation is important - because it's that act of separation that leads to creation.

So here we begin to understand how to wield ego positively, as a tool of creation.

We will also learn about Higher Level ego struggles, and the dark of God, at this level, eventually coming to an understanding of God as ALL-THAT-IS.

It is here that you come into a balanced view of manifestation & conscious co-creation, accessing the secrets of the act of creation.


You wouldn't think that there could be another degree of less learning about ego, but there is... your Cosmic Lessons.

If there's one thing the world teaches us with certainty, it's the world is all about - and revolves around - us as individuals.

Every step you take along the personal development & spiritual path however, is designed to take you further & further away from that thinking, until eventually you reach cosmic lessons.

The difference here... well where previously you thought that somehow this was ALL about you, now you're going to realize that NONE of it is about you - you're just a part of the Universe doing its job by expressing certain energies.

This is why these lessons require the LEAST amount of ego - just the overview is enough to scare people off.

You will come to realize that, far from being 'special' & 'unique', we are just copies playing out a set of pre-existing energies.

Nothing we do is original.

  Degrees of Shifting

The classification of what degree of shift you're experiencing, comes down to HOW LONG the shift has been going on, combined with the INTENSITY of the shift.

Degrees of Shifting by Life Coaches Toolbox

Ego Death

An ego death lasts anywhere from one minute, up to six months.

This process is called an ego death because that is literally what is taking place inside you - a battle to the death, with your ego, for control of YOU and an aspect of your life.

It's down to you OR ego - and only ONE of you can emerge victorious.

When we are born on Earth, it is in 'the image of the Gods' - which means we have free will to create, decide, choose, and influence our destinies.

What this means to you, is that the Earth plane is set up, by default, to serve you, when you are serving your ego desires. This is Law of Attraction, conscious co-creation & manifestation at work.

Basically, when you think you 'want' or 'need' something, that is an ego desire. Our natural state is to 'serve' these desires - to give into our wants & needs.

If you aren't serving yourself (your own ego desires & perceived happiness), then the default that exists, is because you are serving another 'Master'.

The only real 'other Master' to serve is God - so every time you fight back, ego senses it is losing control, and launches a fight to the death.

If you can think back to a time where you were angry with an authority figure, and can recall how bratty, stubborn & resistant you were; then you are starting to get an idea of how much ego resists you trying to make any change that doesn't serve your immediate instant gratification & happiness.

Trial by Fire

A Trial by Fire is a series of concurrent ego deaths, spanning no less than 6 to 18 months in duration.

We glorify the victim in our modern world - and people love to be the pitied victim in the situation.

So it's not uncommon for people to think that two events, separated by a few months, is a Trial.

When we say 'concurrent ego deaths', what we mean is that it is non stop - as one thing ends, the next has already started, and for months at a time, everything goes wrong.

And by everything, we mean EVERY. SINGLE. little. THING!

Doors will be closed to you, people will cut you off & turn on you.

Money flow will stop & massive expenses will pile in.

Health issues - and you'll likely lose your job & health insurance. Disciplinary action at work is another common one.

Abandonment in the forms of homelessness & relationship ending - betrayal & cheating are also quite common.

Deaths, births, and life stage changes, such as marriage & divorce are also very common during these times.

This list is by no means exhaustive - but you get the idea. And you will be MASSIVELY changed by the time you get to the other side of it.

The reason for this is to prepare you for your Dark Night of the Soul - and you can have multiple of these in a lifetime.

Dark Night

Past the 2-year mark of concurrent ego deaths, you are probably looking at a Dark Night of the Soul, or Spiritual Winter.

You will ONLY enter a Dark Night if you have already traversed a few Trials by Fire.

If this is your first, then it's a Trial & NOT a Dark Night.

A Dark Night of the Soul is SERIOUS business... This is the potentially decades-long test you will take, where, if you pass it, you will earn the title of Mystic.

This will NOT just take ONE NIGHT - this will be years - potentially DECADES - of everything being ripped from you.

In this - you - and not just circumstances - will be stripped completely bare.

Every belief, idea, thought, value, tradition, ideal, aspiration, hope, dream, fear, doubt, inadequacy, shame, humiliation, and any other aspect you can think of, will come under the microscope & be replaced by something totally new.

This new thing... NOTHING like what you expect. In fact, there will come a point during this part of the journey where you realize that your old self or 'life', has been sacrificed to make way for what you are now.

And what you will be... oh wow. What you will be here is no short of pure magic.

You can't imagine it, you can't predict, and even if someone found EXACTLY the right WORDS to explain it, you wouldn't be able to comprehend it - YET.

But stick around... the results are way worth the journey.

  The Ego Cycle & Shifting Outcomes

The Ego Cycle by Life Coaches Toolbox

The Cycle of Desire - or the Ego Cycle - is the most basic pattern of all shifting, and it is the default that happens on Earth, to people, even if they do NOT consciously & actively pursue a personal development & growth journey.

The difference between a spiritual journey & a purely ego based journey? A spiritual journey knows God along the way, while an ego based journey often involves a rock bottom crash, and finding God, at the end.

Read more on the Ego Cycle here & here.

The Ego Cycle

The entire process of our lives is driven forward by our ego desires - those things we think we want & need.

1. You become aware of something and decide that you want it.

You launch a desire to attain or achieve it.

2. You work towards your desire, trying different avenues.

Over time you begin to become impatient & need to refocus yourself.

3. You achieve your desire OR you give up on your desire.

You can easily fail or give up about 60 different desires in the same amount of time it takes you to achieve one.

4. You experience an anticlimax, either because you failed to achieve your outcome, or because having it/being there is nowhere near as fulfilling as you thought it would be.

5. You launch a new desire or refocus yourself onto another desire.

We tend to have a few (thousand) of these cycles of desire running at once.

Each & every time we achieve or give up on something, a new desire will arise to take its place.

It's one of the four basic tenets of psychological happiness: somewhere to go, something to do, something to look forward to (DESIRE) & a belief in a Higher Power.

Ego Deaths

When our trajectory goes wrong, and we land up not achieving what we set out to do or have, that sense of loss we experience is called an ego death.

Ego is a mechanism of separation - and everything that causes you pain in life is about being separated from what you want or previously had.

Think about that... broke is separated from money; single is separated from love; abandoned, alone or lonely is separated from company. Rejection is about being separated from what you desire; infertile is separated from creative ability; illness is separated from health & vitality.

You get the drift... anything that causes you 'pain' is something that you are separated from.

When we experience the mental & emotional turmoil of this 'pain' & 'anguish', and we 'suffer' as a result of our loss, we tend to term it an ego death.

Basically an ego death is the pain you go through when you do not like the outcome of a situation or experience.

It did not match your expected outcomes, and you are 'suffering pain' as a result of the loss (of not getting something you never had, in most cases!).

Ego's penchant for separation is not a bad thing - we separate our own DNA in order to 'create' a child. Without ego, this creative ability would not be possible.

It is simply when we choose to allow ego's tendency to separation to get out of hand that we experience pain.

Joy Surges

Ascension or Joy surges are not always found through easy shifts - sometimes the greatest joy comes from breaking through at the bottom of the lowest low.

However you reach the Ascension Surge, as with its brother, the ego death, you are responding to how you feel about the outcome of the shift. In this case, you like it.

Maybe you like how you feel, maybe you have a newfound sense of freedom, maybe new opportunities opened up, maybe you escaped a horrible person or situation & feel relief, maybe you have more flexibility, more resources... the list is endless; point is, you LIKE what has happened as a result.

Put it into the context of a break up... one partner really wants out, and the other is devastated.

One partner is experiencing the loss of a relationship, separation from a person, and the end of of a life stage. This partner is heartbroken & suffering through an ego death.

The other partner is experiencing the loss of a relationship, separation from a person, and the end of of a life stage. This partner is elated & on the 'high' of an Ascension Surge.

The break up experience was not the ego death or ascension surge - both partners had the break up experience and lost the same elements.

However, they way that they experienced & lived the same event completely changed their perspective of whether it was a 'good' or 'bad' experience... an ascension surge or ego death.

  Results You Can Expect

Healing is a little bit like magic... you can apply it to anything & achieve results.

It always makes me giggle a little when I say ANYTHING to people... the standard response is usually something along the lines of, 'Okay, but can I apply it to this example?'

Well yes - because that's what AYTHING means - you can literally apply healing to anything.

It seems odd that you could have some energy work done, or answer a few questions, and then see tangible change in your life - but that's exactly what happens.

It happens because healing changes your body at the level of your DNA & molecules, and that DNA influences the atomic elements around you. Everything is made up of atomic elements.

To learn more about this, look up the work of Dr. Vladimir Poponin, especially the Phantom DNA Effect. You can read more about this on this external website page.

The examples below are just give you EXAMPLES of the wide variety of aspects you can apply healing to, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

If you're facing a healer that doesn't know how to deal with a challenge you are facing, then you just need to find a better healer.

EVERYTHING & ANYTHING can be healed energetically... but... YOU have to do the work to heal yourself. And have faith. And trust. And be patient... non of which you want to hear, I know. I didn't either. But you will come to understand the value of all this if you get far enough down the line.


From broken bones to eyesight, cancer, flu, immediate cessation of symptoms and even regrowing teeth - there is NO limit to what you can heal - if your faith is strong enough.

Even weight loss and changing your appearance are within the realm of possibility here. You are only limited by what you are capable of believing.

We are dealing in the realm of miracles here; the kind of healing that many Masters, over the years, have performed.

My favorite moment is always the first time a client sits in session, and we work through something, and their physical illness symptoms disappear before the session is even up. Symptoms of flu in some instances, but also symptoms of more severe diseases, such as fibromyalgia.

It doesn't matter what the physical issue or ailment is - even weight loss! - understanding will ALWAYS alleviate the need for that lesson to be called into your life.

So next time you have a session, don't wait until the illness has passed - go while you're sick. Do the work while you're sick. You're only sick because that emotion is at the surface, ready to bubble up and be released forever.

If you wait until it has passed, then the emotion usually cannot be as easily accessed in order to be healed.


The reach of the physical healing is not just limited to the body though - you can apply it to physical life circumstances as well.

If your car breaks down, it's a symptom of an energy in your life that needs addressing. If your money flow is off, it's a symptom of an energy that's out of kilter.

Every. Single. Thing. that happens in your life is because of energies - so anything that goes wrong can be addressed with energy healing. Even if it's somebody that doesn't like you.


Emotional overload is often one of the first reasons why people seriously find their way into personal and spiritual development work.

You can expect results like feeling immediate relief of any emotion - from depression to anxiety to doubt, to fear, anger, jealousy, or even unrequited love - the sky is the limit really.

Grief and forgiveness fall into this category too, and, like any emotion, they can be released with a single thought of understanding that finally makes all the pieces fit.


Almost everything that happens in your life has got to do with people; in fact, parenting is probably the leading cause of therapists and healers on earth ;)

You'd be amazed at what you can do with healing in relationships bonds.

You can change the way you, or your partner, feels about something; you can cross a previously unbridgeable chasm; you get interested in sex overnight; figure out why you're pissed or turned off; settle the energies after a upset or fight - once again the sky is the limit.

You can even apply healing sessions directly to relationships, utilizing them to alleviate the need for sex and touch, or longing, in long distance relationships, for example.


From a crazy inner voice, to lack of productivity, to stuck thinking, to lack of clarity, to problems focus, motivation, drive, over-thinking, over-analyzing, and so much more - the mental body is where you REALLY start seeing major results with healing work.

This kind of healing also does amazing things when it comes to mental illness, including depression, suicidal tendency, and even illnesses like epilepsy and bipolar. You can also turn even the most entrenched belief systems on their heads.

One thing you're not expecting is that you will get smarter on all levels, at everything, as you go further and further along this journey.

For this reason, I strongly encourage you to do at least two big art projects a year, or try your hand at some sort of digital art. There is something immensely powerful about seeing how fast you are able to learn and how much your mind is expanding.

This is a very important step in the integration process, because you can access the abilities that you have claimed and recognized for yourself.

By doing at least two new art projects a year, you really get to see how much you've changed and grown, and HOW you've changed and grown.

Acknowledging those abilities will further cement them, which will further accelerate your growth and development. It will also answer the ever-present questions all journeyers have, of 'have I changed?', and 'how have I changed?'


'In purely spiritual matters, God grants all desires.' - Simone Weil

It is a truly exciting time when the spiritual part of your journey unlocks - all the potential magic in the world exists in those realms.

According to Marianne Williamson, "Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world ... As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

You are being prepared for something greater than your tiny, weak and fragile mind could ever even dream to consider thinking about achieving. For that reason, the results here are truly unquantifiable.

Over the years, yogis and Masters have achieved renown for feats of healing (Jesus), launching a religion or way of life (Buddha and Muhammad), lying on beds of nails, levitating, going without food, water and even air for days, and so much more.

Psychic and intuitive ability, remote healings and clearings, in person healings, the ability to achieve a forgiveness release, telekineses, pyrokinesis, telepathy, mind-reading, visions, clairvoyance... these are all just a tiny tip of the iceberg that lies in wait to be discovered.

It is truly possible to achieve any of these feats, but you will spend years and years and decades learning HOW to do it. There's no shortcut for that. It's definitely worth it though!

  Common Shifting Symptoms You'll Encounter

In this next section, we're going to take a look at the spectrum of symptoms you can expect to experience on your journey.

We'll take a look at some of the changes you may experience on different levels, and what you can reasonably write off as normal.

We'll also cover Ascension Flu and shifting overload a little later on, so that you understand if those start happening to you too.

When you first get into it. some of the stuff sounds far-fetched, terrible, or just plain gross, by human standards at least, but you'll get past that.

You're going to get way more comfortable with your body and everything else about yourself as you shift.

  Physical Symptoms of Shifting

What can happen to your physical body when you shift?

Positive Changes

Imagine (or remember) yourself looking fantastic... healing puts that in your reach.

as you shift emotional baggage, weight often goes along with it. As do most of the self esteem issues about your body.

You will get more comfortable with all your body's processes, and you will come to respect and listen to your system.

Your diet will naturally evolve towards more healthy and nutritious fare, and you will find that you hardly ever get sick or require medication.

You will be able to alleviate most short and long term symptoms of physical discomfort, pain, and/or illness, and you will experience a dramatic improvement, in well-being, flexibility and vitality.

You will sleep better and feel more energized, and you will require less sleep. You will also require significantly less food to sustain yourself.

Common Symptoms

Basically all the physical responses to shifting are short term, and will pass naturally within 24 to 72 hours.

If it's ongoing longer than a week, then there is usually something else that needs to be shifted, or you're feeling the cumulative effect of a series of shifts.

What helps here is to keep a journal, and date- and time-stamp realizations you are having. Literally just scribble the thought down with the date and time. Then, when you experience symptoms, you can flip back and see where you are on the integration timelines of 24, 48 and 72 hours, and 1, 2, 3 and 6 weeks.

As your body releases old energies, and they finally pass through your physical body, you will find that passing gas (farting), belching (burping), frequent urination and frequent bowel evacuations are common.

In addition, you may experience or hear your tummy 'bubbling'. This is a good sign! Bubbling means that you are releasing from your diaphragm to small intestine for evacuation.

The sound of the bubbling, and the discomfort and gas that come with it, are signs of your lymphatic system working to cleanse and clear your body. Occasionally, especially in the beginning, you will find yourself suddenly throwing up (vomiting) as your body abruptly evacuates an energy it is able to let go of.

You can massively alleviate these kinds of symptoms by deeply massaging your stomach area, looking for the little hard nodules and any sore areas; massaging them until you feel relief and hear bubbling noises. Or better yet, massaging until all the bubbling stops (which can take an hour or more!).

If you have never massaged lymph, or haven't for a while, then it will take TWO to THREE DAYS until the pain disappears. You have to persist to see results, and keep massaging the area.

Moderate to Severe

Most commonly, you will experience Ascension Flu and Shifting Flu.

Ascension Flu is about your body integrating lessons that you have already had, usually within the previous six weeks, or because something has come to the surface to be healed.

You're tired, fatigued, run down, and have a sore body. Headaches (mental confusion and don't want to deal, this is painful) and sinus issues (internal crying) are commonplace too.

Shifting Flu, on the other hand, is more like a stomach flu, and is about what you are shifting right now.

This flu is much more vicious, but luckily usually short lived (24 to 72 hours).

Typical of a stomach flu, it will both start and end suddenly, you will have vicious cramping and heartburn, usually accompanied by throwing up and a very runny tummy.

The best advice here is stay hydrated. Even if you throw up every single sip you take, keep taking sips or water or an electrolyte mixture. A tepid, watered down electrolyte mixture is something you will be able to handle throwing up if it carries on for a few days.

I have seen (and experienced) a few of these land up in hospital because of near kidney failure, but as long as you stay hydrated, you should be able to ride the worst of it.

It's okay to get medication for the symptoms if you need to, but do NOT go to a doctor, or get antibiotics. Over time, your body starts to resist that kind of medication, especially if your path is spiritual.

Taking medication that is any stronger than Over The Counter, will often make you MORE sick than what you already are.

Medication is not the only thing you'll develop physical symptoms around - body products, including tampons, food stuffs, what you drink, what you put against your skin - all of those will change as you begin to tune into your body more and are able to hear it better above the noise of your emotions.

Worst Case Scenario

If you keep piling healing work on, and working on yourself daily, without taking the occasional break, and doing the necessary system support, then you will go into shifting overload.

Shifting overload can knock you for a six completely - your whole system will break down for a while, until you've had enough rest.

In the absolute worst cases, shifting overload will lead to illness, fatigue, depression, suicidal tendencies, and even complete breakdowns - both physical and mental.

You can't avoid breakdowns completely - some of them are necessary ego deaths on your journey; but you can choose your battles wisely and maintain a good, steady, and fast pace of shifting, if you take regular breaks and manage the daily energy plumbing with tools like Butterfly Release.

  Emotional Symptoms of Shifting

What can happen to your emotional stability when you shift?

Positive Changes

Most notably, you will develop a foundation of peace: a calm that underpins everything you do, as you grow in the knowledge that you can weather any emotional storm - without losing your footing.

The spirit animal of the flamingo empowers people with the ability to stand firm in turbulent and muddy waters, without losing their footing... comfortable enough to perch on one leg, in fact!

You will become like the flamingo, able to weather any emotional storm or turmoil, without losing your balance, knowing that 'this too, shall pass'.

Over the years, as you integrate that ability, and begin to operate from it, you will become able to face any fear, pain, doubt, shame, or any other negative emotion, head on, knowing that you have the ability to overcome whatever is presented to you - or die trying.

You will truly become the cool, calm, self-assured, level-headed, mature and brave person you always knew you could be.

Common Symptoms

If it's an emotion you're going to feel it at some point on this journey. From hate to doubt to wrath to jealousy - you'll experience them all.

It's actually kind of part of the basic course - knowing the emotions and how to navigate them is one of the requirements for the Ascension level.

So you can expect to laugh and cry, to hate, to be angry, to be hateful, to be hated, to be powerless, jealous, scared, lonely, rejected, shamed, doubtful, embarrassed, humiliated... and so much more. Experiencing them at least once is a requirement to know what they are.

It's like watching a TV show - you have to watch every episode in order to say you've watched it all. This is one episode of your life, and you will have to feel it and go through it for an allocated amount of time, in order for it to be done and part of your experience.

That's all it is: in most cases the emotion only exists so that you can feel and experience it, and add it to the catalogue of emotion and experience that makes up you - your knowledge and understanding.

It's hard to see the evolutionary path for most people, but over time, this knowledge will translate into the knowledge of the universe, the knowledge of enlightenment, of ALL. You've just got to stick it out for a few decades lol ;) Maybe a lifetime!

Moderate to Severe

No matter how well you are doing, there are going to be at least two weekends a year where you feel like emotional poo.

The energy is just present in the field, and for a day or two, you just have to feel your share of the load until it passes. Luckily it's often accompanied by the rain and inclement weather, and become a good reason to stay at home and bundle up.

And just like we have energies that are common to all of us, we also have stages of the journey that are common to all of us. In this case though, they are harder to navigate emotional periods.

One of the first that you experience is when your ego deaths really start ramping themselves up, both in intensity and frequency. The pure pace of the experience can leave you drained and fatigued, weepy, scared, tired and just plain finished. Most often what you need here is a bit of a break from shifting - a few 'human days' to rest and recuperate with some good food and normal world stuff.

Eventually though, if you don't deal with it, you will go into shifting overload, and start heading into the realms of depression, anxiety and mental illness.

One of the things about these common stages of the developmental journey, is that they take a bit of time to play out - sometimes a few years, depending on how fast you are able to traverse that particular issue.

During this time, part of the lesson IS the actual experience of living through that emotion - often for no other reason than it gives you compassion for someone experiencing something similar, and so that you can add it to your repertoire of experience, so that you are fully trained.

Thinking that you can go without that emotional lesson, is kind of like thinking it's safe to cut a tenth of all your classes.

Yes you might only be skipping one class here and there, so little it doesn't even get noticed, but you can never be sure WHICH class is okay to skip, because you don't know the curriculum yet, or the intended knowledge that is expected to be obtained through the curriculum.

So you might choose to skip a class, but that class could set the foundation for your entire year's work, or tie together a number of threads to form a coherent picture that finally makes everything fall into place.

In addition, it helps so much to remember that experience is entirely immersive... when you're jealous, you're ONLY jealous: you're not also happy that your ex found new love.

If you experience the security of faith, then you cannot truly experience doubt, because doubt is the LACK of that security of faith. The presence of one overwrites the other one. They are mutually exclusive in other words.

So in order to understand 'the emotions,' you will have to experience each individual one, one at a time, over a period of time. Through knowing each emotion individually, you come to understand the collective of 'emotionS' over time.

There are a lot of ugly emotions in the world, and, in order to get a complete education, you have to experience them all, at least once, one at a time, so that neither of them precludes the other.

You will experience loneliness because people aren't around when you want them there. This will have to happen to you if you are to KNOW what loneliness is.

You will experience abandonment and rejection. In order to be rejected you have to want something that does not want you back. In order to be abandoned, you have to be left behind by someone who matters to you.

Until you've been abandoned, you have no idea what abandonment means. So you have to live through it, in order to get a complete and well-rounded education.

This applies to every emotion we think of as negative - you have to understand them ALL to know ALL.

Worst Case Scenario

Speaking of negative emotions, possibly one of the most heinous emotions (energy, or collection of thoughts, that moves you to act in certain ways) present on our planet today, is pedophilia, or the sexual abuse of children.

Pedophilia, despite your strong adverse reaction right now, is a fantastic example to use for the neutrality of energy.

Pedophilia, or the sexual abuse of children by an older adult who takes away their free will choice, is an idea of a potential action that CAN occur.

When a narcissist or psychopath experiences the thought, they view it through a filter of self gratification (sexual pleasure), dominance, superiority, and a lack of compassion for what the other person wants. So the natural personalization of the energy is for that person to become a perpetrator.

However, an empath, or empathic person, may identify with the victims of abuse, and go on to form a support facility for these victims. Or they may begin a program that helps perpetrators heal so that they don't further the atrocities.

The energy itself is neutral - it is a potential action that CAN happen IF someone CHOOSES to act it out that way. And you always have a choice about HOW you want to play the energy out.

Continuing our example of narcissists and psychopaths, imagine one of these, with their tendency to lash out and hurt for fun, hearing voices and messages from God, or the other side? This person would become grandiose, believing themselves to be God, which has been the case with many of the religious cults over the years, where pedophilia is an energy and story that often rears its ugly head.

The reason for this is the scary side of shadow work, or facing your dark.

At the higher levels, this literally means that you will exposed to all of these energies, in order to test you, and see HOW you CHOOSE to respond to these energies. If you pass your dark tests, it is because you have faced these truths and stood firm.

In mental illness, suicide and depression, you see a similar thing: narcissists and psychopaths are more likely to display schizophrenic and aggressive tendencies; submissive personalities are more likely to come down with epilepsy, which is attacking yourself and short-circuiting your own electrical system to shut the messages down.

Bipolar is interesting, as is anything classified as a 'mood disorder'.

Basically a mood disorder means that your emotions change too frequently for other people's comfort, or for you to operate within the confines of societal limits.

However, the process of personal development is about learning to master your emotions, until you are at the point where you are able to face any emotion, and process it IMMEDIATELY, so that it does not impact your decision making or performance in certain situations.

Humanity, for the most part, is mystified by emotions. Most people can't see how anybody can even begin to deal with emotions, let alone move through them quickly. So they've labeled the ability to move through emotional ups and downs, quickly, a disorder.

But if you're going to deal immediately, then you are going to have to practice first - and there's no way you get it right for the first few years - or even decades.

What it looks like from the outside is you having a major series of emotional ups and downs, because those on the outside miss the emotional breakthroughs and relief you are experiencing.

At a higher level, as the joy surges slip away so that your learning and lessons can accelerate, many journeyers complain of going numb. At this juncture, you will start creating dram in your life in order to experience excitement. This is where the reckless and impulsive decisions on the journey come in.

If you find yourself suddenly (within six months) wanting to make a major life change, ask yourself, HONESTLY, if you are bored, and what you can get busy with in order to stimulate your mind.

As humans, we get lazy quickly. You will have to light a fire under your own bum at least two or three times a year to get out of lazy mode, especially if we are trying to minimize the emotional drama in our lives.

  Mental Symptoms of Shifting

What goes in your mind when you shift?

Positive Changes

Clearer, more confident, more productive, more innovative and more creative... just some of the skills you can expect as your mind sharpens as you grow.

Your inner voice will get a lot quieter... until the first day you realize you are sitting there with no racing thoughts at all.

You will become calmer, more self assured and more confident, finding yourself thinking with new clarity and insight.

You will more easily be able to absorb and comprehend information you glean, sorting and categorizing it, while using past experience in other areas to be able to speed up your learning curve.

You will get a lot more comfortable making mistakes, and a lot less worried about what other people think of you. Eventually you will find yourself living a life of your own creation, no longer confined by the norms and dictates of a society that has long outlived its usefulness.

Common Symptoms

The most common mental complaint you will have is lack of practical functionality.

Practical functionality is productivity and efficiency; the ability to be able to function on a practical level, getting the stuff done that you need to get done.

I'm sure you know from past experience how badly that usually goes when your mind is full of other stuff, like why you're angry at your partner or family member.

Inability to think, lack of focus, and their hard-t0-budge cousin, procrastination, are usually regular bedfellows when your practical functionality is out of whack. Luckily the Butterfly Release is designed to mitigate exactly this problem.

Before it starts getting better, and at certain times, your inner voice is going to go INSANE. It's like over-thinking to the nth degree... the worst ever song soundtrack stuck in your head.

The shortcut here is to know that this is a lesson of self discipline, and the inner voice gets better when you learn to take control of it and corral it, retraining every thought, in every second, until you start thinking in a different way.

There's no other solution for that - no magic wand or pill that fixes it. So start now and get good at controlling your moment-to-moment thoughts.

Dreams are likewise going to go nuts - you will dream almost constantly. At first you will try to remember them, but there's just way too much detail. Eventually you'll learn not to focus too much on them: the important ones will jump out at you, don't worry about that.

The worst part about the dreaming is not being able to rest properly - you wake up being so tired you need a sleep to recuperate from your dreams.

I have found that during busy dreaming periods, taking an afternoon or early evening nap can help. Or even a lunchtime nap. You seem to dream less at that time of the day.

When you're dreaming a lot, it's often because your mind is using the extra processing power, made available because it has to do less with your body during that time, to help you shift and grow even faster. It's the same idea as running downloads at night when the Internet is quieter.

Moderate to Severe

Rebellion is the key word you have to watch out for here, as it's one of the strongest mental disruptions you experience on the journey.

If you think about it, it makes sense - if you're going to be a leader, to be first, to be a pioneer, you have to be someone who pushes against the norm and wants to go it on their own; do things their way.

The rebellion energy does not subside as you get further along though, it will actually increase dramatically over time on the journey.

Each time the rebel steps up again, they will step out against another cause, something bigger, more societal and global. But at first it will be pushing back at home, then in larger communities, until eventually it cycles up to the cosmic levels.

One of the reasons behind this is that issues have to be personally relevant to us, for us to want to take them up. So it always starts as a public pushing back.

What you don't realize until you're at this point though, is that people are what hold the system in place, and they don't like disruption to the system... like Morpheus says to Neo: the very people we're trying to free are the very people we're fighting. If you're not one of us and free, then you're one of them and an agent.

So you begin to experience people pushing back against you, disliking you, not approving of you - and it creates tension and friction in a number of situations in your life.

This is going to create internal conflict in you, as you are beginning to see through the system, and into reality, and you know that you are in the right, that your understanding is greater. This makes it very hard to bite your tongue sometimes... which tends to get you into more trouble again!

Worst Case Scenario

People who honestly pursue a spiritual or personal development journey are, for the most part, empaths.

You may get other types of people who pursue the results it's possible to attain for their own selfish purposes, but they don't usually have the staying power required to stick with it in the long term.

One of the reasons that they don't is that the core requirement to START the conscious part of your journey is accepting the fact that it's ALL your fault. You are in the wrong and to blame for everything that's happening in your life.

This stage of development happens at 200 on the Human Consciousness Scale, and the lesson here is 'responsibility = power'.

When I take responsibility for the fact that I have created this, then I realize that I already have all the power I need to change it - just by choosing different behaviors and actions.

So when you're responsible for the things that are happening, it tends to come out in statements like "it's all my fault" and "I am to blame" and "I need to change".

This is one of the reasons why empaths are quicker to adopt the journey - it's easier for us to personalize an energy and direct it at ourselves. We're used to beating ourselves up and taking blame.

While there are 7Ps of ego, and we all show characteristics of all 7 of them, it's fair to say that we're divided into two kinds of ego groups: those who project and those who personalize.

Read more on the 7Ps of ego - external links here and here and here.

It's easy to see personalization in the explanation of empaths above, and if the flipside is people who project their energies onto others, then you can see how the projection prohibits the narcissist from taking the responsibility they need to pursue the journey properly and with intent.

The thing about taking responsibility for everything - so that you can learn the lessons available in that situation - is that you REALLY start to believe you're all sorts of a horrible person after a few years.

You get so used to taking the blame for everything that it actually becomes your pattern - so much so that you start beating yourself up before situations even take place.

This is responsible for driving many of the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that journeyers experience, and is also partly why you see such high rates of depression and suicide on the journey, along with minds that snap with mental illness.

There comes a point on the journey where it becomes necessary to stop taking the blame for everything, and detach from outcomes and those around you. If you don't, you will literally go nuts, and/or land up killing yourself because you believe you are the world's most revolting person.

The defining line for success on the journey is do you go insane or make it through with your mind intact - can you grow from what you face, or will it kill you?

And the reward for making it through those tests? You get a harder one next time.

You will keep being exposed to darker and darker thoughts and energies to see where you are, where you stand, what you choose and what you are capable of.

  Spiritual Symptoms of Shifting

What can happen in your spiritual experience when you shift?

Positive Changes

The process of faith is two-fold: first you develop faith that you are receiving messages from God, then you trust yourself that you are interpreting those messages correctly.

The trust-in-yourself part of faith is actually what takes the longest to develop.

Your faith is going to grow by leaps and bounds on the journey - and every single experience you have will validate your faith even more, making it easier for you to believe what is happening to you, and what you are learning and experiencing.

Your life and tastes will simplify, as will your expectations, desires, wants and needs.

You will become more naturally in tune with your body and environment, able to pick up signals about yourself, others and situations. It will take you a few years to begin trusting those signals though.

You will become calmer and more patient, and your perception of time will change.

You will become significantly smarter and wiser with every new learning you gain, and if you exercise the skills, you will be able to parlay that knowledge into other areas of life, learning just about everything you focus on at high speed.

Common Symptoms

Alienation, rejection and ridicule are hallmarks of the spiritual experience, and they can be summed up in one phrase: external validation.

When you look at religious and spiritual figures throughout history, we remember only those who reached a level of celebrity, and we view them through a lens of begin loved NOW.

But that doesn't mean that they were loved back then; in fact, Jesus was so hated that they nailed him to a cross to make a public example of him. You don't do that to people you like; you do that to people you want to get rid of.

But, the idea of this celebrity savior is present in our reality, and so this is a common trap that every journeyer falls into.

How it plays out is interesting... you start beating yourself up, and doubting your spiritual reality, BECAUSE you expect people to flock to you and recognize your greatness.

The truth however, is that most spiritual types are widely rejected, because they're too much, too weird, their ideas are too out here, they over-think, they're too serious, too controversial, too disruptive, too rebellious, grandiose, delusional and insane.

But, because of the celebrity Messiah complex, they're expecting recognition and celebrity to come with their increased growth.

So when they don't get it, they see it as lack of validation of their faith, and they begin to doubt the journey.

In the roughly 16-billion lives that have been, or are being, lived on Earth, only a handful have ever risen to the spiritual levels - so if you're pursuing a spiritual journey right now, you ARE a pioneer and front-runner.

What it means to be a pioneer is that you are first: you are achieving this and will be remembered BECAUSE you did it when no one else had been able to get it right.

We see this with pioneers and innovators; they are often so far ahead of the game that they even widely eclipse the second in line. The chasm between the two positions is huge, and number 2 in line often can't even keep up with the front-runner.

In a nutshell, what this means is that NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS WHAT YOU ARE DOING~ OR HOW YOU ARE DOING IT - and that is exactly what makes you special.

People don't like special before it's a celebrity however; so until you reach the point of acclaim, all you will ever be is that weird person in the corner that no one really wants to be around.

People will NOT automatically recognize the greatness, wisdom, advancement and more in you - because people can only recognize what they contain in themselves.

So people will assume that your knowledge makes you believe you are superior to them, because that is how they perceive the experience of having a superior knowledge. Likewise they'll assume your detachment is disinterest and aloofness, and your lack of interest in the secular world will be personalized to lack of interest in them.

Additionally, you piss them off every time you open your mouth: you are always speaking about stuff that is new to them, introducing new ideas that force them to think, that make them feel stupid, because they can't understand what you're saying - or even half the words you're using to explain. It's literally like you're speaking Greek to them.

So not only do we make people feel stupid just by existing; we also force them to learn, grow and change every time we open our mouths around them. We constantly challenge their beliefs, just like we challenge our own, and we take them to places that are so uncomfortable for them, because we've had years to get used to the idea of breaking privacy.

People won't like you if you make them feel like idiots, and that happens simply because people feel inferior to the knowledge we contain.

But it will still hurt you every single time people do reject you - and there will be many times, because you naturally start looking to teach, because we learn by teaching.

The energy of external validation will knock you for a six every time you encounter it - and it comes around at least twice a year. Just suddenly you'll start down the road of 'no one likes me or approves of me and so therefore all this must be a lie because they would see my greatness if I was truly developing'. And then it will pass after a few days.

It is the most common ego trap and it's one that will trip you up time and again. There are tons to learn in those layers though, so the lessons are very worth it.

Moderate to Severe

The next major ego trap on the spiritual level is the ego trap of special relationships.

You have to remember that your spiritual journey is literally ego fighting for it's life - ego is the dragon you must slay. Dragons are wily, conniving, mean, angry, nasty, scary and dangerous. They shoot fire from their mouths, they can fly or run, they are reptilian in appearance, they have sharp teeth and claws, and they're known to imprison and eat people.

That's your ego. That's what you're fighting.

You can bet your bottom dollar that something like that is going to fight hard to stay alive. And it's favorite weapon to wield is the ego trap of special relationships.

In order to get to this point on your journey, you will have had to overcome certain energies and emotions, like fear. So ego can't attack on the level of fear here.

Instead the attacks become more subtle - and as always, ego targets your desires. It either does this by dangling a carrot in front of you (potential of a relationship), or beating you with a stick (no one wants you and you aren't really spiritual because you aren't a celebrity and no one even can be in a romantic love bond with you.)

At this stage of the fight, it will have become obvious that your primary desire is to move closer to God or ALL. So ego jumps in and confuses that emotion by reinforcing your belief in the body.

Because we have oblivion when we're born, the first part of our identity that develops is the belief that we are the body we inhabit. People interact with our bodies and all we have is our bodies.

This makes us believe the body is real. This is also why the identification with the body is the last to go on the ascension journey- it's the most entrenched part our identity. Also, if we stopped believing in the body as real we would cease to exist; the body requires us to believe in it.

So when the DESIRE to MOVE CLOSER(to God) does arise in us, the ego diverts that to become MOVE CLOSER to ANOTHER BODY, i.e. be as close as you can physically because physical reality is real.

The ONLY thing that differentiates a romantic liaison from other types is sex. So in order to cement that bond, and achieve the closeness, sex has to take place.

Every touch that gives you shivers, every emotional up and down you feel on the relationship, every orgasm, reminds you to think about your body. So the entire relationship does nothing BUT reinforce the idea that YOUR BODY is real.

The more you believe in the reality of your body, the further away you are from ascension.

So you go into the bond, and at first, your entire inner voice is taken up with thoughts of the person - leaving no time for God, you or your growth. The growth only happens when it's triggered by the pain of speed-bump in the relationship, or it ending.

Whether it continues or ends though, it takes up all your thinking time - thoughts that trigger emotions that remind you that your body is real. Thousands of times every single day.

So by getting you to engage in a special relationship, ego wins a major boost on it's strongest front: physical reality is real.

The worst is you can't even begin undoing the damage of a relationship until it's over and you've healed from it. All it does is keep stuck in the same layers, unable to move forward and grow, because if you grow, your identity changes, and your identity must be intact to keep the relationship intact.

Ironically, AT THE SAME TIME, you will be wanting a more hermetic lifestyle - to be more of a hermit.

Like the special relationship only serves to delay you, so does time with other people and going out into the world.

It looks like this: if you stay at home and stay away from people, then you are in an isolated morphic field that you have complete control over.

This means you can experience uninterrupted growth, because society respects the privacy boundary of the walls of your house, and so allows you to be isolated into a morphic field of your own choosing.

When step outside the door and past those walls though, you enter a SHARED reality or morphic field - an energetic reality comprised of ALL the thoughts of everyone in the geographic reason.

For me personally, I notice it when I get thirsty within a few minutes of driving out the gate; it's like I lack spiritual nourishment in the shared experience field. My body responds immediately by craving water.

So the first thing that happens when you leave home is that your energy field is disrupted - and obviously this will take a minute or two to rectify when you get home again.

How long that minute or two lasts will also depend on what you encounter on your trip out.

Maybe you encounter someone with negative energy who disrupts you even further, or treats you badly for no reason. Maybe you run into a friend or family member who judges you for your aloofness (detachment) and superiority (knowledge and wisdom).

Maybe you get particularly frustrated at the admin, bureaucracy and senseless rules of the system while you're out, or maybe you get rejected by someone, for once again being 'too much'.

Any of these is going to add a few more minutes (days) to how long it takes you to recover and START growing again - so the more time you spend in isolation, living a hermetic lifestyle, the faster you will grow.

Every time you step out the door it just means you're pausing your spiritual journey - and so you will come to resent having to leave the house, even for work or simple stuff, like grocery shopping.

Looking at the two illustrations above, you can see how they conflict: you constantly vacillate between wanting to isolate more and wanting to find a relationship, or at least students and a following. It's like the world's worst see-saw.

Worst Case Scenario

You're dancing on the edge of insanity with a spiritual journey, because it's a personal experience that happens inside of you, and no one can validate for you.

When I first meet clients, no matter their level of advancement on the spiritual stuff, they're all battling the same thing - a desperate need for validation that what is happening to them is real.

It's such a big deal that I spend on average two to six months with each client getting past this section. It looks like we're doing and learning other stuff, but it's really about the process of validating the experience of the client.

Once we get past this, the tone and structure of the sessions change dramatically, from curiosity to active work and pushing forward.

The way the validation happens is by sharing; we both share experiences from our side. Once the client sees the similarities and commonalities, it becomes easier for them to believe in what has happened to them.

At a point one day, the client will suddenly have their faith and trust intact, and they won't NEED the validation in order to support their faith anymore. At this stage they have usually retrospectively accepted all previous experiences that were there to grow faith.

But, until a period of validation happens for a journeyer, the doubt of 'am I going insane?!' will always be there.

Teaching is usually the method for validation when no mentor or teacher can be found - by sharing your learning and seeing others take it on and gain relief and understanding, and by seeing others come to the same realizations (often in the same order), you get to retrospectively validate your experiences.

But the conflict lies in the fact that you often need the validation boost in order to become brave enough to step out as a teacher.

For me personally, I kind of painted myself into a corner with my choices over a few years, and it was the only real avenue left open to me. I'm grateful for it now, but for a long time I felt very limited and trapped by having to teach and do all this publicly.

In addition, as you're growing, your belief systems are shifting rapidly, and they begin to conflict with the world around you. This is what creates the energy that makes people uncomfortable around so many of us.

The tension between what you believe inside, and the mask you put on for the world - that is cognitive dissonance.

You're going to keep growing - and that cognitive dissonance is only going to get worse and worse and worse. Eventually you'll want to avoid people altogether, because you will want the reality that is inside you, instead of the lie people are living.

This triggers the lessons of loneliness, and this a tough series of lessons.

I am not wanted, I am not worthy - these are the themes you will tackle here.

You cannot avoid this series of lessons, so don't even try. They are crucial to your growth - a core module in your degree, if you will.

The lessons of loneliness are they key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe. You don't want to miss that episode :)

The final thing that's worth a mention here is going numb.

As you exercise more and more conscious choice over your emotional state, you are less at the mercy of your emotional experience. This means that when an emotion arises, it doesn't impact you the same way it used to - you don't 'feel' it as much anymore.

This lack of emotional impact means far fewer ups and downs, and so you feel numb. No lows mean no highs, because high is a contrast experience.

As this unfolds, you will come to realize that emotion IS the human experience. People experience everything through how they FEEL about it.

We don't, for example, say that a place was fantastic, we lead by saying we had so much fun if people ask us how something was. If they ask about a person, first thing we say is whether or not we like that person.

When you're not feeling those kinds of emotions anymore, you don't respond in ways that people expect, and it starts making situations very uncomfortable to be in.

You also realize that you're not really 'alive' anymore, because you don't care about the things of life the way you used to, or the way others do.

The more you accept this about yourself, the less interested you get in life and people, and the worse the symptoms get. So there's more to accept.

It becomes an endless spiral of caring less and less about things of the world, wanting to participate in it less and less, and becoming more hermited and isolated.

This is why the hermit archetype is so often associated with the spiritual realm; we do need to be removed from the world eventually if we are going to cross the finish line of this journey.

However, most of us did not have the chance to avoid the trappings of the world, and weren't shuttled off into monasteries and convents early, and so we have families and spouses.

So it becomes this back-and-forth push-and-pull between our secular world obligations and the life we really want to lead with God. There's no middle ground here and you will vacillate from one side to the other on this issue.

You will consider divorce, leaving your kids behind, moving into a spiritual or off-grid community, and then be conflicted by decision like vaccines and education: what education do you give the child for their best future? How will you afford that if you live the lief you want?

And you're really going to start to dislike and resent financial obligations, and education and keeping a child alive is expensive...

Sex is also going to become infinitely more difficult for you as you start to disidentify with your body, and it's here that many modern relationships, built on romance (where sex is the only differentiator), are failing over in droves.

When sex is a requirement for maintaining the love bond, what happens when the desire for sexual, or any form of physical stimulation, completely disappears?

  Integration Periods

Go and get yourself a journal. A small notebook that's ways to keep near and with you, in which you only LOG your insights and realizations.

So there is no sitting and writing long-winded paragraphs with this. You're simply going to write down each realization, or aha moment of insight, as it comes - especially the big ones.

On the same line, note the time of the realization, and at the top of each page, or start of each new day, write the current date.

So a few typical entries could look a little like this:

17 Oct, 1055AM, I need to take more frequent rest

17 Oct, 1055AM, I burn out when I don't stop and pause

17 Oct, 1056AM, If I allow my impatience to get the better of me then I will rush and make mistakes

17 Oct, 1057AM, When I rest, I work more thoroughly

The reason you want to do this, is integration periods and shifting cycles.

When you log your realizations, you get a bigger picture of the entire cycle and process of how the energy moves through you, how long it takes until you are changed by it, and what could be causing what you're experiencing in the present moment.

To begin with, you get a very accurate picture of when you shifted what, and how far along you are in actually integrating that into your experience.

You're also going to notice how your perception of time changes - sometimes you will think something was ages ago, but it was only a week back. Sometimes you'll think something happened recently, but it turns out to be weeks ago.

The understanding of the changing perception of time will drastically alter your journey trajectory on its own. The core lesson in this one?

Miracles collapse time so that future events do not have to take place.

If you have a fight with someone, you will spend the next few weeks (future events), being angry at them every time you see them, or hear from them. You will maybe miss out on opportunities, spend a lot of time being angry at them, and eventually it will come to a head in an argument usually. After the argument you usually move on from the issue.

If you forgave (miracle) the event as it happened however, there would be no need for the future events of the next few weeks. The time you would have spent dwelling on the issue, fighting with the person, thinking about the whole situation, and the energy you put into it emotionally, can now be diverted elsewhere.

So the MIRACLE of forgiveness collapsed the time needed for those future events to play out; and their only purpose was to bring you to forgiveness. You skipped to the end result and collapsed the need for the experiences that would get you to that same end result.

The second thing the journal/log will give you, is an overview of HOW MUCH work you've done.

We often underestimate exactly how much work we're doing, and how fast we are actually growing. This especially happens when we do hit lows, because we haven't achieved by secular world standards.

Also we live in 'now' time and don't really notice the past achievements - if we aren't shifting right now, then we must not ever be shifting.

If you are consistent with your journal logging, you will be staggered at how much actual work you're doing.

It will also help you understand why we get so tired doing this :)

In addition, this record of where and when what happened is also a way to go back over your entire course material, looking for big picture analysis.

One really powerful way to do this is to pick a theme, and then go back over your journal and aggregate a keyword lesson from every-time that theme has come up in the past while.

It triggers a powerful surge in growth when you do this; kind of like putting all the pieces together in a puzzle. You suddenly see a much bigger and clearer picture.

The third thing you'll gain is an accurate record of when what happened, where you are in your integration process, and what kind of thinking and belief systems you're operating from now.

It makes a huge difference when you suddenly feel differently about something and you can go back and see that the energy shifted a few weeks back. You know you aren't going insane or that the decision is not impulsive or reckless.

You also get to see that you are changing, where you are changing, and how much you are changing. These are constant questions journeyers want answered lol ;)

Integration periods start from the moment you have the thought of realization, and will vary according to the individual and the energy being shifted.

On average though, it takes six weeks for you to start operating from the level of an energy, once you first achieve resonance, or alignment with that energy.

So to illustrate, let's continue the thinking from our journal entries above.

It's now 11:50AM and I've realized that I need to NOT let exhaustion be my trigger to stop - I need to rest BEFORE I actually FEEL tired.

If you come back in six weeks' time, you'll probably find that I've gotten better at taking breaks before I'm exhausted - and I feel less guilty when I do take them.

24 to 72 hours

In the first 72 hours you go into an extreme of whatever you were shifting - often a polar opposite of what you were shifting.

Have you ever noticed how when someone breaks up with their partner, there's always a stage of 'I don't want another relationship'?

It usually happens just after the break up - they go from the extreme of being in a relationship, to wanting to avoid ALL relationships - not just the one that they left.

After a few weeks however, it settles, and the potential of a new relationship can be considered.

This is a normal shifting process, and that first extreme usually lasts the first 24 to 72 hours - up to a week.

So the first thing you have to know is that you definitely do NOT EVER make a decision within 72 hours of a shift that influences that decision - because you will be acting from the energy of the extreme contrast.

Up to 7 days

The second thing you need to know about shifts is NEVER to make a decision within a week of a major shift that influences that decision.

You will still be in a high degree of contrast during this first week, and any decision you make will be impulsive decisions that you will likely regret later.

However, it's worth bearing in mind that if you need this impulsive boost in order to make a long-delayed decision, then you should take advantage of it. There's no better way to get out of a situation permanently than to burn all the bridges.

The other thing that will take a week to wear off is the shock.

Whether you experience a positive or negative stress, the only thing that changes about the experience is how you FEEL about it - the chemical process inside your body is the same.

Most realizations come with that shock of 'duh - how didn't I see this before?', and so you have to give it a week for the shock to become your new normal. The Go Ape process will help turn that off within a week though.

Up to 14 days

We're two weeks after the thought of realization, and chances are you can't even remember the realizations you had two weeks ago.

Instead, the energy is beginning to settle into your system and become something that is just a part of your make up now.

At this stage, the tests usually begin.

Are you really serious about this choice and direction?

What if what you always wanted previously is now offered to you? What will you do?

If you've made a commitment, that commitment will be tested with the offer of something that could serve to distract you from your choice.

Each time you choose for what you've now decided, you build new neural pathways that become your new habits, behaviors, actions and patterns, or how you 'operate' from this level and energy.

Conversely, every time you choose old ways of being, you reinforce old neural pathways, and entrench previous habits and patterns.

As you traverse each test, the body chemistry of your physical body is changing, causing different reactions in the atomic elements that make up everything around you. This is how you 'attract' a new reality when you change through shifting.

To learn more about this, look up the work of Dr. Vladimir Poponin, especially the Phantom DNA Effect. You can read more about this on this external website page.

To learn more about the body chemistry changes, read the six weeks block of information.

Up to 6 weeks

The reason it takes six weeks to get to this place of complete integration, is that your body is catching up with the energy changes that have taken place.

We have a really smart lady named Candace Pert to thank for the understanding about this part.

If you think you don't know who Candace Pert is - think again. If you've ever heard of the medication that blocks heroin addicts from getting high, and blocks the uptake of the drug so that they can't overdose, then you've heard of Candace.

Candace is the lady who had the brain spark that led to the research that led to the discovery of this medication - it was her PhD work.

In her research, Candace hypothesized, and showed, that every cell in your body has a specific number of receptor sites able to receive chemicals released by the brain, that would create excitatory changes in the cell.

Each receptor site is like a lock specific to a defined chemical key that unlocks it, but the key that receptor sites are assigned to changes over time.

So to simplify: say you have 100 receptor sites per cell - 100 points of entry for chemicals to enter the cell and create changes that you feel as sensations and experiences.

Say 20 of them are assigned to the default emotions you experience, and these are your baseline. But the other 80, well they can vary - sometimes they are mostly assigned to 'feeling bad and depressed', and other times they will be allocated to 'feeling good' chemical combinations released from the brain.

The reason they change over time, is that the chemicals they are most exposed to are what they will have the most receptor sites for when the cells split approximately every two weeks.

So a heroin addict, will, for example, need a small hit at the start - and that will only impact one or two receptor sites per cell; the natural receptors for opioid medications and their numbing effect. But by two weeks later, their receptor site count could have increased to five, and so they need a larger hit to feel the same impact.

Same applies to emotions: each time you feel an emotion, you create more receptor sites, increasing your capacity to experience that emotion.

The six weeks is about reaching a plateau where most, if not all, of your cells have updated their inventory of receptor sites, to match the new energetic vibration of the resonance you have achieved.

More receptor sites equals more capacity to experience the knowledge, and operate from it 'at all levels', or from every cell in your body.

In simpler terms, it's like the experience of learning something: for a while you feel like you're drowning; but suddenly, two or three weeks later, 'the penny drops' and you start to understand what you are learning.

That experience of the 'penny dropping' is actually your physical catching up with your mental and thought self - your mind.

Your brain chemistry and the anatomy of the cells in your brain and body have processed and absorbed the changes you have made mentally by learning.

This means that every part of you, from your brain to your fingertips, now has this knowledge, This is why it 'suddenly' becomes easier to exercise the hand eye coordination or control and dexterity you need.

The difference between yesterday and today? the knowledge has reached your hands now as well, and has become part of their way of being too.

To learn more about this, read Candace Pert's 'Molecules of Emotion', or watch the movie 'What the Bleep Do We Know?'

An interesting sidebar lesson in this thread is the knowledge that failure is a necessary part of the first stages of learning. That's the part where you learn 'how NOT to do it'. That knowledge is just as necessary as 'how to do it'.

Fear of failure (one of ego's favorite go-to traps for younger journeyers), is not only unnecessary, but it inhibits the natural process of learning.

Failure is necessary for a complete education, because you don't truly how to do something until you can replicate doing it correctly - and avoid the mistakes that one would normally make when doing it.

Unless you make those mistakes, how will you ever know what they are, or how to avoid them?

  What can you apply shifting to?

Shifting and healing are truly one-size-fits-all applications - you can literally apply them to anything and everything!

Fighting with your boss or partner or parent? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Are you ill - either short or long term? From flu to cancer? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Money problems? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Issues of faith? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Lacking confidence? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Feeling powerless? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Feeling arrogant or superior? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Jealous, envious, competitive? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Fatigued and tired? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Car breaking down? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Can't find a job? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Unable to accept where you are in life? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Missing someone in a long distance relationship? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

Back pain? Arthritis? Have a session. There's an energetic cause.

I think I've made my point ;)

Every. Single. Thing. that plays out in your life, has a metaphysical or energetic cause. You are intrinsically linked to this web of energy we call reality, and you will never be able to separate from it and stay alive.

That web is what thinks for you when you cannot yet think for yourself.

It contains the programs of life and death; remembering to keep your heart beating, your lungs working, your hormones flowing so that your body can operate without you needing to remember to do it.

The process of healing is about releasing that energy, so that you can gain the lessons from it, and allow it to pass out of your life.


No matter what shape you're in, you can be in better shape, without extra effort.

Whether you want to heal an illness or injury, or you want to feel revitalized and energized, or you want to lose weight, improve health and well being, you can do it with healing.

I have seen and experienced extraordinary feats of healing in my time; things that most people would consider impossible, including the overnight mending of fractures and broken bones.

Learning to mend physical health requires real dedication and focus though - it's not one of the easier disciplines.

It can also be very disheartening because people are really in control of their own outcomes, and often they self-sabotage for whatever reason they created the illness in the first place.

Or the lack of ability to validate and believe the experience - even if it is physically real - often undoes the work that has been achieved.

From flu to cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, mental illness and everything in between, the understanding gained when you reach the right thought will heal that issue.

It's also an incredible validation boost for your faith in general to experience that. So next time you're sick, go to a healer and experience getting better only using healing. You'll never look back.


Like everything else, money is an energy that is attracted to you according to the beliefs you carry.

So if your money flow is off, or you suddenly have a run of unexpected expenses, or every-time you get a financial boost your expenses increase, then you can fix those patterns with healing.

If you can't find a job or manage money well, then you can change your resonance around that by healing it, and allow a new possibility to unfold.

It is worth noting that money problems are often complex and layered, and require tackling from a number of different areas. So you're not going to fix it in the first session - and fixing it is no guarantee that you will become rich.

This is where a lot of people go wrong: first they want the silver bullet quick fix miracle cure, and second, they want to define the results.

Healing is a different animal to manifestation. Manifestation creates a reality, while healing works to remove the blocks and errors that exist.

Once those blocks and errors have been removed and healed, then a new possibility and way of being arises to replace the old one - but healing makes no attempt to define what that new possibility will be.

The point of healing is to remove the problem, not create the solution. Creating the solution is manifestation.

In a money situation therefore, the takeaway lesson could be that you need to value yourself more, but then you still have to take the step of putting yourself out there for interviews afterwards, and valuing yourself when you negotiate your salary.

Or the healing may identify and release procrastination that has a root of laziness (this happens to all of us a couple of times a year by the way! It's nothing to be ashamed of). But then, you still have to get up the next day and not continue the pattern of laziness.

Sometimes the healing work will ignite a desire to work inside you, and you will 'feel' like getting up and doing it, but if you continue old patterns and ways of being, your progress will be very slow, and you'll find yourself circling the same lessons over and over and over again.

Another important thing to note about money lessons is that these are an intrinsic part of the spiritual journey, and so they will continue for years, just because you have to complete the course.

As A Course in Miracles says it beautifully (slightly paraphrased): This is a required course. Only the time in which you choose to take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean you get to determine the course curriculum or content - it merely means you get to choose WHEN You take it.

And that doesn't mean that you can decide when you are having money problems - if Source wants you on that course, the curriculum will be present.

Your choice is really down to whether you're going to roll with it or skip all the classes and fail.

The Money Problem lessons will inform all your understanding about the societal and global problems we're experiencing - the things we need to fix.

You won't be able to skip this part of the course because it contains crucial information you need, as well as major layers of ego deaths.


Ascension surges and the happy, light feeling are one of the biggest reasons people get hooked on healing work.

You can go to a doctor and get medicine to support you while you're sick, and it still takes two weeks to feel better - or you can go to a healer and walk out feeling fantastic that day.

Especially in the first few years, even decades, of your healing journey, the releases and understanding will often come with enormous emotional relief, that will have you feeling happy, light, joyful, and all the good stuff that we usually look for.

At the higher levels of your journey, you will learn that happiness is a contrast experience - it is created after we've been to a low, as we climb back up to the baseline.

So it's the process of creating drama that pushes us emotionally low, and then when we heal it, we climb back up to our normal baseline. This is what we feel as the ascent to happiness.

Once you start getting a real handle on your emotional state, you won't create the downs so much anymore, and you will stay at the baseline, which you will experience as peace and calm. A little bit boring at times too.

One of the reasons this happens is to save time: when you are experiencing plateaus of 'happiness', you stop growing and coast along for a bit. This means that there is a delay until your next lesson.

By removing the joy surges at the higher levels, you don't have delays of a few days or weeks between lessons, and the pace at which you receive new information, will increase dramatically.

This is one of the reasons why advanced souls are able to shift through stuff so much more quickly - they are used to bypassing the emotional distractions and delays.


People tend to think of healing, and personal development work, as something that is limited to the self, but it has really fascinating applications in the workspace.

To begin with, you can apply to group dynamics, and the collective within the workplace. You can also apply healing to the company itself, for issues from work flow, to the environment, to cash flow, new opportunities, innovation, and so much more.

Free will is an important consideration to remember though, and you can't directly work on someone in a healing if they have not agreed to it expressly. And be very careful of healers who are willing to work on people without their free will consent.

So it's okay to work on a group energy that relates to you somehow, but to list individual names of staff members, you need to get their permission and consent.

Other interesting applications I've seen are in the realms of training and development, for example having a session done on a group the day before a training session, so that the group is open and receptive to learning.

Likewise the trainer, or presenter, can have work done to prepare their body, mind and emotions for the big day, so that they perform at their best, without fear and doubt.

You can watch an externally linked video on this here, or you can look into Body Talk as a healing modality. Speak to your practitioner about a 'performance set up'.

You can use healing to remove blocks, and to set 'new opportunities' for healing and growth, or to remove blocks that will allow you to accelerate your growth curve on the business front.

You can also apply it to people you don't like in the workspace, or even tasks you do not enjoy doing. Once you've 'dropped the mirror' of the energy that is attracting that reality towards you, you either won't be bugged by it at all, or it will just disappear from your life, as you will have 'gotten the lesson' that it presented.

Another fascinating application of healing is to your own learning, which you can accelerate enormously. You'll get smarter in every arena, and the ability to learn will be no different. In fact, it's here that you will see some of the most extraordinary growth in yourself.

Another killer application for healing in business is 'practical functionality', or the ability to be efficient, clear, focused and productive, so that you get what needs to be done, done.

It's pretty easy for your practical functionality to be knocked out of sync, and you'd be amazed at what you can get done when you have a way to put it back into gear.

Writer's block, or any other creative block, are also things that you can quite easily fix with healing.

If you're reading this, and you knew me in my career, then yes, LOL, this is why and how I was always such a machine.

If you are going to use healing to push yourself to new heights in your career, then you HAVE TO take care of your body and do regular system maintenance.

Our society does not teach us how to relax, and we're living out ridiculous consequences as a result of that, in our world.

If you push yourself to the extreme, then you have to take regular time to rest, which does not just mean sleep. Likewise you need to be doing regular daily basics, such as the Butterfly Release, or you need to find yourself a really good Body Talk practitioner to do regular 'plumbing' sessions on you.

A plumbing session is where you let the body choose what it needs to do, without putting any statements in, so that it can take care of itself. If you want to set an intention statement, then say: this is for my body to choose what it needs to feel balanced, vital, whole, healed, etc.


We don't experience circumstances, we experience how we feel about them.

So you don't stand at lunch, watching your mom in the kitchen, going: 'my mom has picked up the casserole dish; she has gray hair; she's walking to the counter.'

Instead, your inner voices goes more like this: 'my mom really needs to color her hair; I hope she doesn't ask me, I've got so much on my plate already. She never notices how busy I am; she's always demanding of me. And now I have to color her hair again. And I bet you she made that casserole that I don't like. It's like she tries to piss me off on purpose.'

But all your mom did was carry a dish.

Now, think about someone you have zero issues with; someone you've always liked and felt good about. It took you a second to come up with someone - if you could at all.

The problems and issues we have in our relationships (the mirrors), are what tie us to people. And we think about the people we're upset with way more. In fact, you never think about people that you don't have issues with.

This is what makes karmic bonds so ironic: you had so much drama the last time you shared life experience, that there is so much left over, that you have to come back for a whole extra lifetime to work through it.

This is why karmic relationships are so dramatic and pain-filled, and full of angst. They came into your life because you were upset enough to carry that past lifetime's problems over into a lifetime where they don't even matter anymore.

The other problem with karmic relationships is that they often necessitate the recreation of the original damaging event, in order for you to connect with that energy to heal it.

So if you're angry because someone killed your child, and you carry that over, you create the reality where you need to lose a child in order to work through and release that.

Healing can be applied to platonic and romantic relationships, as well work bonds, or a anyone you encounter - even a cashier who upsets you.

Th reason it can be applied is that the trigger, or mirror, lies inside you. The person or situation has only been called, and you only notice it, because you carry the energy inside of you. Once you release it, the person usually disappears somehow, even if it's just because you don't notice them anymore.

In long distance relationships, sexual tension and missing each other, and missing companionable touch, are feelings that can be relieved through healing. These same energies would be present for someone who had lost a partner, and the grief, anger, and the energies previously mentioned can all be relieved with healing.

You can rekindle your sex life using healing, or reignite a bond between two people. You can even apply it to when your kids are driving you crazy.

I'll say this a million times, but until you experiment and experience it, you won't believe what can be done, but healing can be applied to ANYTHING with positive results.

Anything and everything in your life that you don't know how to tackle, can be healed with healing, including the big issues like forgiveness.

You may have to chip away at something before you see the results that you want, but you will see results over time.

Mental Illness

Mental illness, suicide and depression, including disorders like epilepsy and bipolar.

Like so many journeyers, I came via the route of 'mental illness and chronic depression'. I was an avid student my whole life, and even though texts, like A Course in Miracles, had sections addressing mental illness specifically, it was only much later in life that I really made the connections between the journey and what society terms 'mental illness'.

I'd always known, on some level, that healing and the journey were the answers to this endless litany of problems I had, but at the time I didn't know what it meant.

In a nutshell, depression and mental illness are caused by the following: suicidal tendencies have to do with getting ready to die or ascend; so the relinquishment and release of the identity in order to become the higher self.

It's also preparation for the moment of death. If you can hold only God in your mind at the moment of death, then you will pass to God.

You can read more on this at this externally linked article.

Depression and mood disorders are just the natural process of going through a lot of ego deaths, and the emotional ups and downs that go with it.

You're learning to navigate your emotions quickly on the journey - that means ups and downs. It gets classified as a disorder, because, in the range of 'normal' human experience, you should NOT be able to move through so many emotions that quickly.

Epilepsy happens when you are receiving external information that you can't process, and you have a tendency to personalize. So the 'attack' is turned on the own body, shutting down the electrical system so that you don't have to deal with the things you're experiencing.

Schizophrenia, narcissism, psychopathy and the rest, are the same, except the personality will be inclined towards projection: in order to stop the attack, they will attack outwards, projecting the information onto someone else.

This is a classic case of misinterpreting the information and energy received; the energy is perceived as an instruction to attack others once it is personalized and projected, instead of just being a lesson about that energy.

One of the other big culprits for mental illness is cognitive dissonance - a conflict between what the journeyers is experiencing internally and what is going on in the outside world.

A common example is once you know you're getting smarter and wiser and are more approachable, but you experience a different reaction from people.

As you advance even further, you start getting thoughts and ideas that you just don't feel you can share with anyone - and you bottle this up inside, convinced you'd be locked up for thinking them.

This dance on the edge of insanity happens because so many spiritual journeyers are so isolated, and become scared to share the weirder thoughts. So they honestly think they are going insane until someone can begin validating their experience.

If you've reached the point of starting to wonder if you are going insane, then it's crucial you find a spiritual circle that can validate your thoughts.

One of the biggest ways they get validated is when you see others reaching, or that have reached, the same conclusions as you.

We love to think we're unique and special, but the truth is that the journey is the same for all of us. If you look for the commonalities, you will find them.

And thank God for that fact - because otherwise you'd have no way of knowing that you aren't going insane.


When it comes to life circumstances, we often feel powerless to be able to effect any change.

Perhaps you're a person who is just bad with money, or you always attract extra expenses, or you get sick a lot, regardless of physical changes you may make - all of these, and more, can be tackled with healing.

Applying healing practices to situations like this will also serve another fantastic purpose - you get to see the impossible happen, which will boost your faith, which will make the results you experience even better.

Faith and trust are experiences that grow over time, and nothing will grow your faith like seeing the impossible happen, simply because you said a few statements. Or the moments where how you feel changes immediately and completely, just because you said a few statements.


Not only is change something that people have no idea how to even begin approaching, it's also something that they're petrified of facing.

For this reason, most of the change you experience in life, will be thrust on you. This may be a divorce, break up, or death that happens out of the blue, for example.

Healing can help you on many levels here; from reducing the initial shock, to coping with the fall out, to dealing with the emotional experience of the whole thing. You can also release the anger and find forgiveness.

You can also create change in your life, stimulating and accelerating your growth in the process.

You can also deal with the physical, mental and emotional repercussions of ongoing change, helping your body to cope with what you are going through.

You can also apply healing to healing illnesses, losing weight, overcoming addictions, changing habits, changing behaviors and changing belief systems.

In the beginning, it's usually easier to let someone do it for you, than it is to do it yourself. But it is a natural progression on the journey to evolve to a point where you automatically begin healing yourself.

So when the urge arises to start trying ideas you have, or things you saw a healer do, trust those instincts.

They are a crucial part of the faith and confidence building process.

Moving Forward

Once you've dealt with change, you have to move forward into a new part of your life.

Forgiveness, grief, getting over a break up or death, or getting past a major trauma, event or injury in the past, are elements that often require you to re-look at your life and the way you live it.

It's more obvious with death and break ups, because you have to physically change your visible-reality life.

Maybe you have to move house because you can no longer afford it, or you have to adjust your lifestyle and spending dramatically. Or maybe it's just getting used to not having someone to talk to, or lean on, or help you with certain things.

In these cases the moving forward experience is real: you pack boxes, unpack and set up a new home. You drive a new route everyday, shop at a different store. There is tangible experience of the new reality you are in.

But subtle emotional and mental changes happen inside of you - you feel different, and you know you are different, but it's not something others can see clearly.

And even if they see it, they can't verbalize it, which usually means that they can't understand it.

From adjusting the day-to-day stuff, to dealing with unexpected emotions like guilt, when you meet someone new after a divorce or death, or even the fact that you feel guilty to be alive, healing can help you get past all this.

You can use healing applications to help you embrace new opportunities, be excited about what's coming up, put the past in the past, and surrender, accept, let go, and let God take over.

You can even deal with the subtler issues like moving past the loss of the life you imagined, and how to make space to remember a person, without letting it take your whole life.

You can release massive blocks and build ups of emotion, sometimes without even needing to feel them in some cases, and you can create the circumstances to grieve healthily, in a way that truly releases the pent up emotion.

Finally, you can directly tackle the belief systems and fears that get dredged up when we face a death experience of someone close, as well as the natural fears that arise around your own mortality.

  Do you feel blocked or stuck?

The following section deals with feeling blocked or stuck on your journey.

The three pieces are interlinked, so please read them in order. I know you skip stuff that isn't interesting to you now LOL ;)


Feeling or being stuck manifests itself in a number of different ways.

One of the more common presentations is going over the same content time and time and time again. It's like you're stuck in a never-ending loop of dealing with issues around a particular person or situation; often a parent or parent figure.

Another way that you may experience being stuck is that you seem to have reached a plateau in your life, and nothing is changing.

This is a common experience in dieting, where they speak of a weight loss plateau.

There are two issues here - nothing to look forward to, and a feeling of being bored. Boredom is a massive driver of emotional drama - we create the drama to have something to focus on, so that we're not bored.

The solution in this case is to get busy. Find a hobby, an art or crafts project, and learn something new.

Your mind needs to be challenged as its expanding so that boredom does not become a weakness that ego can use against you.

The other reason that art usually appears in spiritual disciplines is to teach impermanence: this is why Buddhist monks make sand mandalas that they destroy afterwards. Not only do you accept that everything will pass, but you surrender to the inevitable - importantly, while putting your BEST effort into it.

This inability to surrender that we have, is also usually the biggest cause for us feeling stuck.

Everything comes to you according to what is held in your mind - both conscious and subconscious. So, if you're not moving past something, then it's because on some level, you don't want to move past it.

'Of course I want to move past it!' you cry; 'it hurts me so much!'

Resistance hurts; it hurts everyone. The pain you are feeling is caused by your resistance.

We'll take a look at this in the practical exercise that follows.

Practical Exercise

You'll need about five minutes to do this exercise.

Allocate twenty minutes and bring a notebook if you want to jot down your thoughts after doing it.

This is an important exercise, and so it's important to do it properly.

Exercise Begins

1. Sitting comfortably on a chair, take your both arms and place them straight out in front of you, with your hands at shoulder height. So you're just holding your arms out in front of you.

2. Now turn your palms outwards, with your hands pointing up, as if you were using your hands to push against a wall.

3. Now tense your arms and begin to press with your hands against that imaginary wall. Press with all your might, and stay in that position for as long as you can tolerate it.

4. Once it begins to get too painful for you to maintain, hold it for just a few seconds longer, and really notice the discomfort and pain.

5. Now drop your arms. Take a second to feel the relief as you release the tension.

Do you notice how the pain subsided basically immediately?

Do you notice how all the pain was caused by your pushing (resistance)?

Did you notice how uncomfortable it was, even though you were actually pushing against nothing?

Did you notice how there was nothing else to cause the pain - only your resistance?

About Resistance

When you really start on lessons of resistance, you're going to notice that more often than not, you have resisted nothing in the past.

More than that, you will eventually come to learn that the only thing we're actually really scared of, is being scared; the emotional experience of feeling fear.

That lesson has a major payoff; when you can tolerate feeling scared, without being afraid of that experience, you become infinitely brave. There's no longer any fear left in facing your fear.

When you had your arms out, and you were pushing, you were pushing against nothing. There was nothing in front of your hands.

There's an important lesson in this... when you don't know why you're resisting something, often it's because there is no reason for your resistance, except you're resisting.

Unlike many other energies, fear and resistance don't NEED reasons to happen: they are just habits of behavior that occur in us. And if you think about it, they are useful habits of behavior.

For example, resistance makes most of us say no almost immediately, and then yes later on, after we've thought about it. This is a flaw we hate in humans, but the truth is that it prevents us from making impulsive decisions.

Likewise, having fear as an in built first response, means that we are automatically inclined towards survival - a necessity on a planet as hard, cruel and challenging as Earth can be.

Sometimes the fear of dying might be the only thing that keeps a child or animal alive through years of abuse - and it's such a huge fear, that it's a fear that the abuser can use to silence the victim.

But think of the many people who overcame unbelievable odds and experiences, torturous trials, to go on and make an incredible impact... that fear of dying, that in-built fear first response, that kept them alive through horrible trauma in many cases.

Like all energies, fear and resistance are neutral. And we all feel them.

What determines whether they are good or bad, is how you choose to respond to them.

You have a choice in any situation you are in; about how you feel, how you act, what you think, what you say, and what you take away from it.

You can choose to stop resisting at any given moment in time.

And when you choose to stop resisting, you get to experience how amazing it is when that pain of your resistance suddenly stops.

  Danger Signs

So we've covered a lot of different symptoms on this page, and given solutions for many of them too.

Which then, are the ones we need to watch out for, where we must seek external healing help?

How do you know when it's gone too far for you to manage alone?

Shifting Overload

I mention shifting overload a few times... if you've read the whole page, that is ;)

Shifting overload is worth mentioning a few times though, because not a lot of people know about it, and so it isn't considered as a cause when healers are looking at you.

It is possible to shift too much, and too quickly. And that's exactly what shifting overload is.

When you shift or release something, there is a six week delay between where you aligned with the energy (had the aha moment or insight), and when you are completely operating from that new level.

We don't really experience the second part... except maybe when we've made an 'out-of-character' decision, a few months down the line, and we're surprised to see something like that come from us.

So the part you notice, and think of as 'the shift', is the energetic alignment change that you feel right at the beginning of the process.

If you[re holding a tool like mirrors in your hands, then chances are you aren't one of the slowpokes; you're someone who rushes into shifting. So you do what we all do - chase the next energetic realignment.

So for us, we experience the process of shifting as moving from one energetic realignment to the next, with the occasional retrospective view of how we've changed.

But the truth is that, with EVERY SINGLE realization or breakthrough, we kick off another six-week integration period where our body has to catch up.

There are people who are reaching HUNDREDS of statements of realization a day already - this means you increasing your body's catch up work by hundreds. Every. Single. Day.

This is what shifting overload is.. the overlap of all these periods of integration, and eventually your system overloads.

It's like when you use a computer to do something: you can open a whole bunch of windows and programs, and it will keep going well for a while, but then you'll open one more, and suddenly every program that is open slows down.

At first shifting overload creeps up on you; you feel tired and run down, fatigued and probably get a fair amount of ascension flu.

You don't tend to think of the repeated illness as ascension flu though, because you're usually going to the doctor to get a note to skip work - so it often looks like getting sick; a lot.

Ups and downs on this journey are normal; so if you're getting sick and then feel better in between, then it's probably just the roller coaster.

If however you are constantly tired for a few months on end, and you can't seem to shake it, and don't really have good days, then you might need a break from shifting - even if you're in something like a Dark Night of the Soul.

Put down your chores and responsibilities, they'll be there tomorrow. Get yourself out into the sun for a little bit of fun and rest & relaxation. Visit an old friend or some family.

Get out, get moving, and do something very worldly for yourself, like watch comedy, or eat your favorite foods.

Even if you are flat broke, debt counselors will allocate a bit of your income to entertainment and relaxation. That's how necessary it is.

If you get a little bit of space, and get away a bit, then you will be able to think more clearly, see the bigger picture and be excited to climb back in.

Sometimes it only takes a day, and sometimes it takes a weekend, and sometimes it takes a week - there are no hard and fast rules as to what your body needs to recover.

The desire to throw yourself back into your journey will arise naturally, and you will learn some very powerful lessons on the importance and necessity of rest. That's also part of your lessons on this journey.

Leonardo Da Vinci puts it well:

'Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen.'

Mental Illness

When you take the personal development far enough, it will always become spiritual.

Once the journey becomes spiritual, you really begin the dance of the edge of insanity.

You've had hear it said by Oscar Wilde: 'There's fine line between genius and insanity.'

And just think about that for a minute... genius is bringing ideas that nobody else ever thought of; ideas that are brilliant in their application, and often simplicity. Ideas that rethink what already exists, re-purposing it to much better use.

If you look back across the span of history, the names we remember when it comes to journeys, are people we're still trying to understand - thousands of years after they've already left. People like Jesus and Buddha and Muhammad.

When you start going deep into shifting, development and healing work, you are often still reaching areas of the human mind that minimally few have ever explored.

And because so few have ever explored those areas, there is not a lot of information available out there yet, or enough people to mirror your level of experience. So you land up thinking you're going nuts.

LOL... it honestly isn't a spiritual journey until you've thought that AT LEAST a few times ;)

It's also the defining characteristic that sets the big souls apart - can you make it through this, and everything else that is coming to test you, without letting your mind snap?

Can your mind go through these extremes of being expanded, while you maintain your faculties?

Every single one of the names I mentioned previously are names that made it within a SINGLE lifetime - so it is possible for you to reach that level within a single lifetime.

What it means though, is that your mind is going to have to expand at an extraordinary rate, to accommodate the volume of information, and the content of information.

The content of the info is really what gets us - you have to be open-minded on a level you can't even begin to fathom to be allowed access to certain bits of knowledge.

So, in case you are one of those who will get there in this lifetime, the process of expanding your mind, in order to make you more open-minded, will begin early on your journey.

If your mind is buckling under the strain of that expansion process, you will experience symptoms of mental illness, the nature of which will be determined by your particular combination of ego expressions and communication habits.

Wanting to Give Up & Die

Being suicidal and chronic depression also fit in under this section.

Outside of Christianity, most religions in the world actually place enormous importance on death, the moment of death, and rituals and preparations around death.

In Bhagavad-Gita, Brahma (the Hindu creator God) says that if you hold God firmly in your mind at the moment of death, you are guaranteed to cross to God after death.

Buddhists basically prepare their whole lives for the moment of death, and it is said that many Masters only show themselves and their mastery in those final moments.

The reason you have to know this, is that, in reality, the whole of life is nothing but a preparation for death, and it's a major part of any development journey.

One of the ways you get prepared is going through experiences like wanting to die, or getting a death premonition, or feeling suicidal, or having a near death experience, or a brush with a fatal illness.

The point of all these experiences is to give you a chance to deal with the energy of death in small doses, so that, over the course of a lifetime, you can prepare yourself for the moment of death.

This natural attraction towards death, combined with how heavy many spiritual journeyers find being alive on Earth plane, can combine in horrible ways - and as a result, suicide often comes up with personal development journeys.

It's normal to feel all these things once in a while - but it's not normal for an energy like this to stick around, without a break, for longer than a few days, or a week, at a time.

If you have consistently been feeling like you want to give and die, then you really need to find someone to help you.

If you aren't sure if it's been consistent, then start a journal logging your moods on a daily basis.

If you remember to update it daily, then you will be able to go back and reference how long this has been going on for.

You HAVE TO journal at some stage on your journey - for a few years. There are patterns you are only going to see when you can take those kinds of big picture views of your journey.

So start journaling and logging your moods and insights now - before you need the material to go back and reference.

It's a habit you will be very grateful that you developed.

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  Get Help

Once you start working with a tool like Mirrors of Relationship, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

Simply pop us a message - or reach out via one of the message services listed below - and we'll have a coach or healer get back to you to assist you. This is a paid for service.