Areas of Focus Include:

  • Ascension and Enlightenment Work
  • Ego Mitigation, Ego Traps, and Understanding Ego
  • Creator of the Mirrors of Relationship, 7P's of Ego, and Ego Layers of Separation
  • Teaching, Mentoring, and Coaching Services
  • Psychic Readings, Distant Healing, and Entity Removals
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Empaths, and the 144,000
  • Twin Flames, Twin Flames, and Relationships (Platonic & Romantic)
  • Validation of Your Spiritual Journey
Custard, the Jenday Conure

About Chemory

I was four years old when I had the following though out of the blue: "If I had lived before this, I wouldn't know now." And I understood what it meant.

It was like my mind turned on, and people who knew me when I was younger will tell you my mind was always special. I was academic, structured, organised and focused.

Think Alex from Modern Family, but with Hayley's attitude and rebellious nature. And Lily's mean streak.

So that's the part nobody liked - I was a rebel. A rebel without a pause, and often no cause... except for God. God always seems to be the overriding cause for me.

For the first few decades, I craved external validation.

I always thought there was something wrong with me because I never fit in, or could settle into a relationship properly.

I even did the career thing, I got married, and I was a mom. But it was never enough. And I never gave up the search for God, or my primary questions about God: where did God come from?

Without realising it, my endless sessions and healings finally started paying off one day.

I'd been studying ACIM for a few years by then, and I had dug into it deeply again because I was experiencing a major trial period in my life. Again.

Me digging into ACIM and turning to God for help, wasn't at all unusual. However, that one day I realised that ACIM was suggesting that we hand our thoughts over to the Holy Spirit.

To allow the Holy Spirit to choose the correct thoughts for us.

Since that day, I have been handing over every thought, with the aim of reaching a point where my mind is entirely aligned with God.

Akin to "My mind holds only what I think with God."

That was the turning point of everything for me. I let the Holy Spirit in completely, and I learned how to get my ego out of the way, so that I didn't interfere with what the Holy Spirit was doing.

This wasn't always easy, but I stick to it. Every single day. And over a period of six years, the most amazing things have happened.

The work on the website is as a result of handing over.

If you work with me, you will come to know how accurate I am with predictions and healing. And for this reason, many people find me intimidating.

The clients that work with me stay with me for years - because once you get to know me a little bit, I'm pretty awesome ;)

That doesn't mean that I'm a pushover though. You'll like me after I've offended you a few times. I will push you - and I take no prisoners. I don't go easy on people.

I cut through the bullshit, and I get results. But I also laugh a massive amount along the way. Not only do I have a wicked sense of humour, but I tend to approach almost all healing with humour.

From me you will learn tolerance, how to push the envelope, and how to laugh at yourself.

You will get your emotions under control. You will find the self worth you have always been seeking. You will learn how to USE your mind.

What does this require from you? Willingness and dedication. You have to be willing to keep going, no matter what it takes out of you.

Those years that I first started handing over, they came with some serious trials. As well as climbing into all my stuff and clearing EVERYTHING out. Nothing is off limits - and I value results over keeping you comfortable.

As one client said of me: I'm not the person to lead you gently into the water, but I will remind you of how to get out of the ocean you're drowning in.

I will not do the work for you - I will however equip you to do it for yourself.

What does coaching cover? Your spiritual journey and every other aspect of your life. From relationships to work, to keeping going, balancing it with your life, and growing in unparalleled ways.

I will challenge you and your thinking on everything. I will offer solutions and ideas that will blow your mind most of the time. I'm pretty infamous for my out-of-the-box thinking that pushes the envelope.

So I'm not going to give you a traditional healing experience by any means. But I will give you one that works.

I draw the line at working with atheists. I am VERY spiritual and Godly - I don't waste my time converting people.

If you are considering how to transition to a life with God however, I'll gladly assist you.


  • Life Challenges (Bad Luck, Grief, Loss, Breakups, Divorce, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts)
  • Career Struggles and Marketing Your Business
  • Expanding Your Consciousness
  • Growing Your Intuition and Abilities
  • Understand Ego Through a A Course in Miracles
  • Understanding and Incorporating All Religions
  • Living a 5D Journey in a 3D World
  • Faith and Doubt

All services are offered via Whatsapp, Email, Skype - or similar audio, video and text services.