Chemory Gunko  🐢

I am the founder and creator of Life Coaches Toolbox.

I have built all of the healings tools and resources that you see on our website - including the Mirrors of Relationship, the 7Ps of Ego, the Ego Layers of Separation, and the Butterfly Release.

If you want to move far and fast on your spiritual journey, if you are looking to ascend, if you aren't afraid of pushing yourself as far as you can go - and then even further - I am the coach for you.

Chemory Gunko

Michel Andreasen  🌺

I am an Occupational Therapist.

This means I help people to uncover the root thoughts and emotions creating suffering in their lives, and I help them release it.

All of the healing work I do is through the Holy Spirit. I hand everything over to the Holy Spirit, and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide and choose my thoughts for me.

When I am working with people, my only task is to step aside and let the Holy Spirit heal through our relationship.

Michel Andreasen

Angelica Gunko  ✌

I am an energy healer and life coach.

If you didn't guess already, I'm the daughter of Chemory Gunko, and have studied under her my entire life - which means I can help you through anything!

I can help anyone of any age, but I specialize in coaching services for children, teenagers, and young adults.

I do all healing through the Holy Spirit, and I will not help anyone who denies the existence of God.

Angelica Gunko