💕  Romantic & Platonic Relationships

Here you will find great resources to help reconnect or increase the bond between you and another - whether it is a romantic relationship, or a friend or family member.

We know that as a spiritual journeyer, relationships can easily fall apart - that's where these tools come in!

🔊  Affirmations

Affirmations are specific statements to affirm or attract an energy into your life.

There are affirmations for couples, singles, widows or widowers, as well as affirmations for boundary setting.

❓  The Mirrors of Relationship

The 9 Mirrors, or characteristics and energies we share with people, in a Relationship help us identify key thoughts that create separation between us and God or Source.

Use these tools to identify and release mirrors within your current relationships and yourself - to feel lighter, more at peace, grounded, and less emotional.

🙏  Forgiveness

Relationships have constant ups and downs, which inevitably lead to conflict. The hardest thing in most relationships is forgiveness - most people don't know how to forgive someone else, or even how to ask for forgiveness in the first place.

These tools will guide you through the forgiveness process to ensure that conflict is properly resolved within any relationship or situation.

💔  Breakups

When you've been in a loving relationship, or even a relationship that was bad for you - losing that security can be a huge readjustment.

These tools will help you let go of the fear of ending the relationship, let go of the attachment to your ex, and various resources for singles to heal and attract a new, healthier relationship.

🤗  Trust Building

Within any relationship, trust is a key characteristic. Without trust, conflict can arise at any moment, people become paranoid, and everyone is left feeling insecure and unworthy.

Use these tools to increase trust in your relationship, especially after a trauma has occurred or when an issue arises.

🧘  Meditation

Here you will find practical exercises, video tools & interactive tools that utilize platonic solid shapes, as well as color healing.