Areas of Focus Include:

  • Shadow Work or Ego Mitigation
  • Ego Deaths and Ego Traps
  • 7Ps of Ego
  • Ego Layers of Separation
  • Mirrors of Relationship
  • Understanding Forgiveness, Faith, Doubt, and God
  • Grief, Depression, Deaths, and Breakups
  • Entities, Implants, or Cords Removal and Healing
  • Meridian System & Wing Meridian Activation

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About Angelica

I've been on the Spiritual Path my whole life, learning from Chemory Gunko - which means that I can help you through ANYTHING, if you're willing ;)

I knew there was a God when I was 5.

I don't remember asking anyone about it, I just automatically understood that there is a God.

When I turned 12 years old, I started pushing myself to find out more about the spiritual journey - to find the truth that everyone is searching for.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

If you can think it, I've been through it. If I haven't, I'd be able to handle it - and help others through it.

If I haven't, I'd still be able to help others through it.

Because of the trauma and pain that the spiritual journey has caused, I've become stronger than I ever thought possible.

I understand concepts that takes years for most people to find, and even longer to understand.

You are capable of more. The feeling of emptiness that you're always trying to fill, can only be satisfied with gaining knowledge - by pushing your mind.

Those feelings and ideas that you thought no one would ever understand, or see as sane...

I believe them. I understand you.
I can help you.

I Work With Teenagers and Young Adults Concerning:

  • Rebellious or Depressive Behaviour
  • Self Harm or Suicidal Tendencies
  • Studying Help
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Religious/Spiritual Guidance
  • Career Choices and What To Study
  • Relationship Troubles
  • Family or Friend Issues
  • 5D Living in a 3D Work Environment

All services are offered via Whatsapp, Email, Skype - or similar audio, video and text services.