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Is Meditation


This intermediate level meditation will make you feel spacey, and REALLY help you with anything you need to surrender to or let go of.

  Is Meditation

This is an incredibly mind expanding meditation and unlike the others, where you get more used to it as time goes along, this meditation actually gets more intense the more you practice it.

Is is a powerful word - although you don't think that to begin with.

Is is the power of acceptance though, the ability to see and be okay with things exactly as they are, to be able to be okay with stuff, regardless of how difficult it is.

Is is a very powerful concept, and when you meditate on it as a word, it just blows your whole world open.

This meditation is fabulous to use when you want to come to terms with something, including grief, loss, deaths, break ups, retrenchments and trials by fire.

This is also a meditation that cumulatively alters your perception of time.

What you'll discover is that as you accept things more and more, and make peace with what is around you, you spend less time with your energy wrapped up in the past and future, so your ability to be conscious, present and focused increases.

Is Meditation Instructions

Settle down somewhere where you can lie or recline comfortably.

This exercise can make you feel very spacy both during and after, so it really is best to ensure that your body is supported properly.

Call on your guides, do a relaxation exercise or prepare for your meditation in whichever way best suits you.

Ground yourself properly.

Settle into your body properly, feel for the edges of your mind and simply intone once: is.

Allow the next few seconds to unfold as they will, and then, about five to twenty seconds later, just say once more: is.

Keep going for as long you feel comfortable, pulling your attention back to the word is every few seconds, as you would in a lotus meditation.

Keep your mind clear of any other thoughts.

When you're done, take a few moments to settle and ground yourself again.

Wait a few minutes before you stand up.

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