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Lotus Meditation


This intermediate meditation will help you further expand and exercise the mental faculties and abilities you're acquiring in your ongoing meditation practice.

  Lotus Meditation

The basic principle of a lotus meditation is based on the shape of the flower itself - in a lotus meditation, you allow each thought to flow or expand off the previous thought, adding to the whole as you go along.

There are however variations of how you can apply that principle, that will give you various effects.

The basic principle of the meditation stays the same though: you are allowing your mind to flow into each new avenue and thought, which over time will help you expand your thought process, connect more effectively to your intuition and generate better and more creative ideas.

It's not always as easy as you think to just let your mind go where it wants to go without filtering, editing or judging, but this meditation puts it quite easily within your reach.

This is therefore a great starting meditation to use and fantastic to use when you're very foggy or scattered: the natural flowing motion of the meditation means that you don't have to try and hold your focus consistently without getting distracted, which can be a difficult to master in the beginning.

Lotus Meditation Instructions

If you prefer visual mediations, then try visualizing:

1. An actual lotus flower, where each petal keeps expanding off the next one.

2. A lotus flower made of points or lines of light, floating in space, where the petals also keep expanding off each other, maybe morphing into geometric shapes.

3. A free flow of pictures and memories where you let each picture flow into the next naturally without stopping or editing the process, just seeing what you're seeing and noticing.

4. A focus on a specific topic, where you see a picture or visual for a focus area, eg. forgiveness, and then let that spawn the next picture, and so on.

If you feel inclined, call on your Higher Power and Guides, clear your chakras, ground yourself and call down an interdimensional cone of light for divine axis alignment and clearing.

Settle down somewhere comfortably where you won't be interrupted for a while.

Lie or sit so that you won't have to adjust your position, shift or shuffle around.

Keep your knees slightly bent and make sure that you are warm or cool enough.

If visualizing isn't your strong suit and you prefer to feel the dimensions of the object with your mind, then you can do this meditation that way too.

Extend the feeling out like a lotus petal, pull it back towards you and then extend the next one out in the same way.

Try varying up the colours of the petals and feelings, the weight, texture, temperature, how far you extend it out, which direction you extend it in and where it is oriented to your body.

If you prefer audio and word-based meditations, then this is a very fun meditation to play with.

1. Pick a topic to focus on, like forgiveness, Pick a word, like forgive, as your base word. Now you use the base word as a mantra, saying it once and then letting your mind fill in the next word. Then you return to the base word again.

So it could look something like: forgive - angry; forgive - friend; forgive - freedom. Don't judge what comes up, just use the information to clear blocks that are in your way.

2. Pick a base topic like love and just let that be your trigger word and let each new word unfold like a new petal, seeing where the rabbit hole takes you.

3. Repeat a chant or a mantra, pushing the sound energy out to create each subsequent lotus petal.

Lotus Meditation Variations

Once you're more accustomed to working with lotus meditations, you can use them in a number of interesting ways:

1. Do an intuition building exercise, where you set the intention that you want information about the upcoming future and allow your mind to float from each item to the next, just gathering information. Keep a notebook and track the correct predictions your mind gave you.

2. If you're stuck on an issue, use the person or element at the base of the issue as an anchor and keep finding attachments until you identify the block.

3. Use the lotus meditation as a tool to open your mind and help you think more creatively when it comes to generating ideas.

Over time, as you spend more time on this meditation, you'll find that your ability to distinguish distractions from inspired ideas improves, allowing you to generate what seem like genius, out-of-the-box solutions top ideas that often have others stumped :) You'll also think and make connections more quickly.

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