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Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator


The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Tool is a complete Marketing Strategy Pack, for new & established businesses, and annual strategy sessions.

In addition to the Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generators, this pack also includes guided step-by-step tools to help you define your Brand Identity, Ideal Client, Values, Baseline Marketing Pack, Brand Colors & a SWOT Analysis. In addition you'll be able to compare your Brand Identity & Ideal Client, and compare yourself to a competitor based on values.

The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Tool is fully mobile compatible, but to get the most enjoyment out of this process, you want to use this tool on a laptop or desktop. It will be way more enjoyable an experience for you to use this full screen. This is also perfect to project during presentations & meetings.

  Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator

Marketing Strategy Tools, like a Mission Statement or Elevator Speech, are useful business tools - but not the easiest to create... even if you're in the business of doing this.

The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Tools contain a variety of important elements you'll want as you establish, or redirect your business.

From Brand Colors, to your fonts & marketing styles, your values, and a SWOT Analysis, to Your Ideal Client & Brand Identity (and how they compare), you'll find a plethora of tools you can use to help you define your business or marketing strategy. And the process is interactive & enjoyable.

Whether you're an advertising or marketing agency that needs to facilitate these regularly for clients, or run a marketing department that needs direction or a handle on a product or brand, this pack contains all the tools you need. It's also great for coaches, mentors, leaders & managers facilitating Vision & Strategy sessions for business directions and new year goals.

To use any of the tools, simply look at the blocks below or the sidebar, head on over and begin.

The tools are pretty much self contained, even when they're within sets - so you can start at any point you want to. Instructions for that tool can be found on each page.

What's even cooler is that you don't need to know where to begin, because we've prepopulated all the elements for you. Simply use the step-by-step, guided, interactive tools to help you generate all these elements - from absolute scrtch.

Other ways to use the Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Tool

The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Tool is not just for business & corporates though - you can use it to create a personal brand identity, mission statement, elevator speech, SWOT analysis, values & more.

In additon the tool can be used to create a point of focus to help you manifest a business, or design your dream business. So for goal setting & visualizing your dreams.

Mission Statement

  Mission = Vision + Purpose

Easy to Understand Formulas & Interactive Tools that will help you craft Mission, Vision & Purpose Statements from scratch, even when you don't know where to begin.

  Mission Statement Generator

High Energy Values Generator

  Powerful Company Values

Using the High & Low Energy Power Patterns words, you can identify strong, powerful words that will resonate with your client base, and really convey what you want.

  Values Generator Tool

Values Comparison

  Comparison Based on Values

Compare your company to a competitor, or a company you admire, and find out what sets you apart, and what areas you can improve on.

  Values Comparison

Brand Identity

  Define Your Brand Identity

Use our interactive dress up tool to build a visual for your brand identity, and help you to really connect to your brand as you would an individual.

  Define Brand Identity

Ideal Client

  Define Your Ideal Client

Use our interactive dress up tool to build a visual for your ideal client, and help you to really connect to your client as you would an individual.

  Define Ideal Client

Brand vs. Client

  Brand Meets Client Comparison

Use this tool to take the information you yielded from your Brand Identity & Ideal Client Exercises, and compare the two to see if they relate to each other.

  Brand vs. Client Comparison

Your Elevator Speech

  Create an Elevator Speech

Whether it's for your company, a specific product, a specific client or you as an individual, an Elevator Speech helps you prepare to grab onto opportunity.

  Your Elevator Speech

SWOT Analysis

  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Use this tool to analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunties & threats that apply to your business in 30 key areas; all prepopulated to make it easier for you.

  Your SWOT Analysis

Brand Color Chooser

  Choose Your Brand Colors

Choose your Brand Colors based on what they mean to people, or based on your values. This way your marketing will always convey the values you want clients to know.

  Brand Color Chooser

Baseline Marketing Pack

  Convey What You Want Visually to Creatives

Use this tool to put together to look & feel you want for your brand. Convey it accurately to designers & other creatives, and get a brand visual you are proud of.

  Your Marketing Baseline

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