Trial By Fire or Dark Night of the Soul

  • Walking your Talk & the Courage of your Convictions

    So the theme for almost everyone I’m speaking to right now is, or is becoming, walking your talk. Pretty much what I’ve been talking about the last while LOL :)

    It’s huge isn’t it? That fear of what people will think of you.

    Will they think you’re nuts? Will they start avoiding you? Will they - horror of horrors - think you’re arrogant?

  • In this article, we look at the fact that we’re creating a world for children and why it can only make us egotistical and unhappy over the long term.

  • In We're Designed to Notice Problems & Complain, we look at how the human mind works - and why it's so much easier for people to complain and notice problems.

  • You know that feeling when you “can’t let go” of something or someone? When you “don’t know what keeps pulling you back” to them? That pull you feel when you “fall in love” or “experience chemistry”?

    When your mind and inner voice are racing at a mile a minute, looking for the thought that will help you reach internal peace and alignment? The thought of realization that will help you make sense of it all?

  • What are your plans for Lent 2018?

    So if you don't know what Lent is, it's 40 days of voluntary sacrifice of something to mark Jesus's 40 days in the desert.

    This year, Lent runs from Wednesday 14 February, to Thursday 29 March, the day before Good Friday.

    The rules of Lent are that you sacrifice or give up something that will be difficult for you to give up.

    There's no point if you don't feel the sacrifice.

  • In What Atheists Don’t Understand About God we look at some of the more common mistakes atheists make in their approach when discussing God.

  • So this piece is a question that I’ve been asking for a while and a few people have been asking with me - why do I develop so fast in contrast to others?

    My work involves me digging around in people’s spiritual stuff, and as I’ve been thinking the last while, I’ve been noting what the key differences are in other people. Those “I would have done that instead” kind of moments.

  • For those of you that are working on your stuff long term and ongoing, you'll have noticed that when you are working with something big or a lifelong pattern that you'll often get stuck in the same place.

    If you shift in statements, you'll notice that you're repeating the same statements over and over again. If you shift in your head you'll recognise it as being stuck on the same thoughts.

  • Ego is one of those vague concepts that we all understand, but can’t quite pin down and verbalize. So what really happens inside you when your ego gets in the way of a heartfelt response and effective communication, and how can you mitigate it in future?

  • What is a relationship? A true relationship is three things:

    1. An agreement that creates a connection of thought layers in the morphic field
    2. A permanent place or space created for the partner's identity
    3. A revelation of the self to the partner
  • When you first start working with statements, and releasing issues on the cognitive level, it feels like very slow going at first…. I mean you’re answering question after question, bringing statement after statement to awareness, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve made any progress.

  • What is Ascension Flu? Ascension Flu is the process of physical detoxification that your body undertakes in order for you to process emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

    In this infographic we look at symptoms and treatments for Ascension Flu.

  • What is Gaslighting?

    Gaslighting has become a more-commonly used term over the past few years, and refers to the behaviors that some people engage in, that leaves you feeling insecure, stupid, inadequate, and just generally inferior... or like you might be going mad!

  • There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

    Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.

  • Have you ever wondered how forgiveness works? And what "hell" is?

    Lol I wonder about these things all the time, clearly ;) The answer, as always, is fascinating...

    Again it's about different layers and roles in the cosmos, and one of the roles of the Gods is to hold unresolved emotion.

  • What is resonance?

    Resonance means that your mind is tuned into the frequency of a thought, concept or emotion in the morphic field.

    So when you encounter a situation that relates to that aspect, your vibrational response is aligned to fetch a certain set of responses based on the presence of that energy.

    You've experienced this with an insight or aha moment, or a sudden mood change: your vibration was aligned with a frequency that then determined what you feel, and your responses and behaviors.

    On a more complex level, you may resonate with fear, excitement and hope if you meet a new love interest.

  • As we come off the end of the big part of the shift and we adapt back into secular life and reality, how are you having to adjust yourself for the people around you - in order to fit in?

    One of the things you experience firsthand in healing and development work - but don't often hear about - is the fact that you get greater clarity - thinking, understanding and knowing become easier, and you become noticeably smarter.

    Are you tempering the intelligence you've gained?

  • What money lesson is the Universe currently teaching you?

    At the bottom of all the personal drama that makes up a shift, you always realize that there was a single lesson this was teaching you all along. It’s almost like the shift cycles down until you can understand it in a single statement, and in that moment you realize that you were seeing the same message over and over again, all along.

  • What to do and expect in the coming period between 29 May 2017 - 19 September 2017

    Okay so the same question from a lot of folks… what to do and expect the coming period. Especially for Twin Flames.

    Here’s the overview - save this post!!!

  • What do you do when you feel suicidal or if you are inclined towards feeling suicidal when things get too much?

    With so much energy moving in the world right now, many people are going to be feeling stuff deeply on a personal level. That means for many people their emotions are all over the place - and they’re deep and intense emotions.

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