Trial By Fire or Dark Night of the Soul

  • CPTSD Core Wounds from Childhood Emotional Neglect & Abuse

    An extensive list of common and subtle core wounds, along with examples of the active memories that may be at the root of those wounds.

    In addition, the graphic covers unmet needs, the ways in which these wounds may express in your life currently, and the unfulfilled desires that underlie these wounds.

  • This set of exercises is designed to help you chip away at resistance and build hope that you can find love again.

  • I – like so many of us – have been fascinated by human behavior my whole life, which of course has lead to a lot of reading books, biographies and watching documentaries, and I’ve loved the serial killers and cult leaders and their stories.

    So this weekend I watched a completely new one, on a place in California called the Buddhafield, watching it with a new level of awareness obviously.

    It dawned on me that there is a pattern in what all former cult members say about the evolution of cult leaders – they all start out as so holy and so pure, but then it becomes about sex eventually. And when the whole thing collapses, there’s always a sexual scandal attached – one of an extreme nature usually.

  • In Degrees & Types of Spiritual Lessons we unpack the differences between an Ego Death, Trial By Fire & Dark Night of the Soul.

  • Don't personalise the anger, depression, sadness, fear, frustration and anxiety you are feeling. It’s NOT you - it’s global…. and shit is hectic out there!

    Global Check In - 17 May 2018

    Within a few kilometers of my house today there were two Cash-In-Transit heists. This is in addition to the robberies, losses, accidents, illnesses and a complete halt to business and money flow that I am hearing about and seeing.

    It’s every industry, everywhere in the world… and it’s not JUST happening to you. So do NOT personalize this.

    You are going to have make a concerted effort NOT to personalize this, like reminding yourself every few SECONDS that this isn’t just happening to you and is part of a global energy.

  • I use the fact that I achieve up to 60 pages of journal insights, or 100 aha moments, in a day, easily, to illustrate how fast it is possible for you to grow.

    Clearly however people are missing the point.

  • Ego & People's Responses

    If the person agrees with you, you're passionate.

    If your point of view offends them or conflicts theirs, or seems to offer more logic than theirs, then you are aggressive.

  • Ego and the belief in the physical body

    One of the reasons that physical healing miracles are held in such high esteem above other emotional healing, for example, is that it requires you to detach from the Ego identification of the body.

    What this means in practical terms, is experiences like: understanding that you have no physical body, and that the physical body, like everything in reality, is just accumulated layers of thought in agreement that the body exists.

    Being in the body while denying that it exists creates an interesting kind of cognitive dissonance, I'm not going to lie. It's not an easy balance to maintain.

  • Ego deaths are going to come in an area of challenge for you - mine were money, people stuff and relationships.

    Basically an Ego death is a loss of something you wanted for the self.

  • Ego Deaths & Suicides

    Global Energy Check In - 20 September 2017 & about 23 September 2017

  • I’m sorry, I can’t help finding it just a little funny watching all these Ego Deaths around me the past few days.

    Part of me, first of all, really can’t believe I used to be that bad and take stuff that personally - and yes I can clearly see some of my old behaviors in others lol

    Secondly, I am truly staggered at how much people seem to be determined to hang onto their drama and take it all personally. I was unpacking this with someone and it dawned on me that a lot of this is caused by boredom actually.

  • Ego Deaths vs. Trials by Fire vs. Dark Nights of the Soul

    What's the difference?

  • When this stage of the journey first started happening to me, I couldn’t make any sense of it – it doesn’t make sense how accepting that you are worthless can lead to a breakthrough. I mean aren’t we meant to be realising we’re Gods?

    But the lessons kept coming, in deeper and deeper forms, and so I learned to surrenderto them over time, making the time period that they lasted shorter.

  • Ego in the world - The 8 Deadly Sins

    How perfect is this as a summation of what is wrong with the world and people today?

  • The Ego Layers of Separation by Life Coaches Toolbox is a model to help you understand the layers that make up your Ego, or what separates you from God and others.

  • The Express Your Feelings Chart by Life Coaches Toolbox is a visual tool that helps you identify what it is that you are feeling in that moment.

    Often just naming the emotion is enough to begin it releasing.

  • The Extend Forgiveness Process will take you through a series of healing questions and steps that you can follow in order to extend forgiveness to someone else.

  • Understand the 5 Basic Human Fears we all carry and have to deal with in our lives.

    • Extinction - the fear of annihilation, of ceasing to exist.
    • Ego Death - the fear of humiliation or shame.
    • Separation - the fear of abandonment, rejection and loss of connection.
    • Mutilation - the fear of losing part of our body.
    • Loss of Autonomy - the fear of being immobilized, trapped, restricted, or otherwise controlled.

    View the full infographic at

  • So being dumped back into human world and lots of Ego reactions is integrating, and there has been fear building the past few days.

    This morning I woke up and there were four clear areas where I having or seeing a mirror of a fear reaction. The answer, as always, is handing over... if you can remember to while your inner voice runs riot.

  • Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn - The Trauma Response, with Positive Alternatives

    Understand the Trauma Responses of Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn, as well as other subtle layers of trauma response that might help you understand, and be able to apply, the knowledge better. 

    In addition, the infographic contains a range of alternative behaviors and responses you could consciously choose to go with, instead of the instinctual responses.

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