Trial By Fire or Dark Night of the Soul

  • My mind holds only what I think with God - A Course in Miracles

    At a certain stage of the journey, probably a few times over, you will have the following question: what comes from God or Source, and what is my own ego talking?

    The answer to that question is “my mind HOLDS only what I think with God”. The key word there is HOLDS.

  • A chart detailing the Negative Feelings & Emotions that Stem from Unmet Life Needs.

    Use this chart to help you verbalize what you are feeling, and to find language to help you verbalize your emotions.

  • Messianic Lessons

    You serve God or God serves you... this is the theme of Messianic Lessons right now, and it all links back to free will.

  • The ego trap of special relationships contains, as a presupposition, the concept that you can have a shared life or experience with anybody.

    This is an outright lie.

  • I often caution you guys not to act immediately, because it's usually the best option.

    When you are shifting, your body uses the same mechanisms as it does for memory and emotion. So when an emotion or experience is releasing in a shift, you'll often feel it as if it is in the now.

    But it's not reliving or staying - it's just the finalrelease, or the biggest release.

  • Notes on Identifying Narcissists

  • Notes: Ego in society discussion

    Part 1 of the discussion on Ego in society - notes for all the main areas, tied to my personal shift.

    Not something I’d usually post, but group members enjoyed it.

  • On confidence as a healer

    Why do we feel inadequate to teach or heal people, and yet we still get results?

    Shouldn't we be completely realised and have solved an issue before we help someone else with it?

    This belief is a normal teaching block.

  • People seem to think that because you're working remotely, online or at distance, that somehow healing work is not as powerful or effective.

    While I can't show you how powerful distance energy healing is in a post, I can show what online text coaching via email or message service looks like - and that's what this link is - a transcript of the actual client session that took place, with names changed for privacy.

    This exchange took place over a message service, and was entirely written.

    There are huge advantages to using only written communication - first you get total privacy, second you can take your time or do it spread out over a longer time period, third you're not rushed, and fourth, the client can go back and reread the session in their own time if they'd like a review.

    LOL just think about how many times you've walked out of a session or healing or reading and wished you could have recorded it? Working online means it's instantly recorded.

  • On Spirituality & Growth & the Evolution of the Journey

    A comment in reply to another comment ;)

    I have to be strong - there's a difference. There are times I'd like to collapse, but it's just never been an option. It's just easier to step over it now.

    It's all practice - I was gobsmacked when I ascended and realised it had all been practice for not going insane once I was there. The cognitive dissonance is beyond words.

    The problem is the 500s level and the Christianity and external validation.

  • A retrospective view on my Twin Flame ending - and why I’m glad I finally got the hell out of, well, hell!

    So this week marks exactly a year since I found out that my Twit Flame had catfished me.

    Understandably, I booted his slimy ass to the curve pretty much the moment I found out. A guy who cheats on TWO women for FOUR YEARS is not exactly a keeper LOL - no matter how “extraordinary” the “love” was.

    But that’s the thing that traps most Twin Flames isn’t it…? The “pull” of the “love" is undeniable. You can’t resist it, it’s an addiction.

  • Ongoing Ego in society discussion

    Part 2 of the discussion on Ego in society.

  • People don’t understand you and you don’t fit in

    If you’re really honest about it, the reason that you started the spiritual seeking was because you don’t fit into society - people don’t understand you or get you.

    For most of us, the journey was tied to likability and popularity - obviously as we became more spiritual, more people would be drawn to us and like us.

    Whether it was fixing the relationships with our parents, or our kids, or finding a lover, or a group to work with, the underlying presupposition was always that this journey would bring us closer to people, i.e. they would like us more.

  • People think us spiritual types are weird...

    This was a tough one to title, not gonna lie, because it’s about how we are alienated and isolated by society as we grow spiritually, and some of the reasons why.

    This post is inspired by chats with people who are SCARED and ASHAMED to show their spiritual selves; scared even to post a question on their feeds for fear of backlash.

    This is something I was pondering when we did the group clean up - people are scared to participate outside of private groups and communities.

    The 3D all-loving spiritual world doesn’t talk about this stuff often, mostly because they’re laboring under the misbelief that, as you grow, you will automatically become all-loving, and people will be able to ‘see’ what and who you are. This will automatically attract people towards you; making you a celebrity God.

    This is bullshit - of the highest order.

  • Possibly the most frustrating thing about working with Ego is the deep attachment to personalisation, victim mentality, suffering and the willful ignorance.

    I distinctly recall being given timelines on my dark night, knowing that I would still face years of trial, and sticking my head down and doing it.

    Even though I knew I was in for the long haul and it would be difficult and painful, I still said okay. And I opened myself to change.

  • Personalization on the Ego Journey

    Also applies to suicide and depression

    The single most important concept that you need to understand in order to start understanding Ego, is personalization.

    But personalization is a massively difficult concept to understand when you are still doing it to yourself, so I’m always looking for the simplest analogies and verbalization in order to be explain it and try to relay the concept.

  • Understand more about the Positive Feelings that Stem from Having Your Core Needs Met.

    Use this chart to help you verbalize that emotions that you are experiencing, or to identify the feelings you want to move towards.

  • Powerful Surrender, Release & Forgiveness Prayer for Lightworkers, Twin Flames & Twin Flame Break Ups

  • If you’ve been feeling stuck lately on your personal and spiritual growth path, it’s very likely because of the way lessons have changed in the new 5D reality.

    So how do you stop feeling stuck in the Age of Aquarius?

    How do you get you get your spiritual and personal growth moving forward again?

  • A simple, but effective Prayer to help you achieve Peace & Forgiveness.

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