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Who Am I


Even thought this meditation is simple, it is deceptively simple... because it's not always easy to do.

Best to do this meditation safely at home, as it can make you very spacey sometimes.

  Who Am I Meditation Instructions

This is a very mind-expanding exercise that can be good for creating movement when things feel a bit stuck, or when you're feeling a bit lost or like you need direction.

On its own, this exercise can be very mind expanding and make you feel very spacy, so it can be a good exercise to do as you're falling asleep the first few times.

It's also a surprisingly difficult meditation to do in the beginning, because it's not a meditation where you can just let your mind go, it has more of a structure like a lotus meditation, where you keep returning to the initial thought: who am I?

In this particular case, it's very worth it to keep returning your mind to that thought and to make the effort to get into the habit of it.

Let your mind go for the few seconds in between and then clear it and return to the original thought. This is a very birds across the sky thing - you have to let the ideas and thoughts just go.

If the thought is really important, you will feel some sort of emotional breakthrough that will basically render you unable or unwilling to go forward.

Prepare for your meditation the way you normally would, or lie on your back with your knees slightly bent before you go to sleep.

Ground yourself, feel for your mind and settle into your body and mind.

Make the statement who am I and let it settle for a few seconds - up to ten or twenty seconds.

Repeat the statement and keep bringing your focus back to that same statement every few seconds, going on for as long as you feel comfortable.

When you ask a question like who am I, your mind is going to give you a lot of answers. It's going to give you even more answers if you keep asking.

The trick with this meditation is really to keep your focus on the statement and don't hold onto any of the ideas. Just practice absolute non-attachment.

The value lies in the repeated asking and the deeper delving.

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