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Chants & Mantras


Use chants& mantras as an easier way to meditate, or if you are new to meditation.

  Chants & Mantras

If you work better with sounds than pictures, or you need something tangible to root you in the present moment when you are meditating, then chanting during your meditations could be an effective tool for you to investigate.

Chanting is exactly what it sounds like, you rhythmically intone the sound every three to ten seconds, sounding a bit like those monks in the Gregorian Masters of Chant.

Different chants invoke and attracts different energies and Higher Powers, while others are designed to attune you to God energy or help you clear, focus and expand your mind.

You can also use any deity's name, a word, a chakra sound or even a laughter yoga sound to include sound in your meditations.

Mantras are just short statements or repeated words that you use as an ongoing touchpoint during the day to keep your focus in a specific area. Used over an extended period they also help generate specific energies in your system.

In addition to offering an auditory option, chants and mantras also help focus and ground your attention into the meditation, because it can be difficult to keep your focus in silence in the beginning - it takes some practice to really get it right (and not be falling asleep!).

By intoning the sound every few seconds, you create a rhythm that in itself induces a hypnotic or trance like state, which is really a deeper brainwave state.

In this deeper brainwave state you are able to manipulate your mind more effectively and access information that you don't always otherwise have access to.

Chants & Mantras Instructions


The sound of God, a good general all around chant for pretty much any use. Pronounced like home without the h.


The name of God, and will make you very spacy. It's pronounced as a chanted series of vowel sounds: eee-aaah-ooh-ay-eee. Chant each vowel over a few seconds.

If you enjoy the experience, then Greg Braden released an amazing 59-minute audio of this called the Divine Sounds of the God Code.


If you know the work of Dr Masuru Emoto, then you will know that the words that water is exposed to changes the structure of the water mollecule, with positive uplifting words creating beautiful structures.

We're 70% water and you've got nothing to lose. Besides which, once you've done this for a day or two, you'll understand that it really does make a difference.


This works for the same reasons as the love, joy, happiness, peace mantra, and it has the added benefit of throwing you into a gratitude overload, which if you haven't had one yet, you really need to try.

It's the closest to absolute bliss you will ever get.

PEACE or LOVE or ?

Words have power.

If you want to put something out there, just say it out loud and with intention; a lot of us miss that basic point for a good few years.

So, if you repeat a word, like love or peace or compassion or forgiveness, as a mantra and direct that energy towards a place, then you will generate that feeling in your body, aiming that energy at the person or place you're focused on.

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