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Inside Outside Meditation


This advanced meditation practice will train your mind to hold conflicting, contrasting, polarised or duality ideas, which in will, in turn, open up a whole new range of development lessons you can access.

  Inside Outside Meditation

This is a another great meditation for changing your understanding of and orientation to space.

It's also a great meditation for helping you begin to grasp the cyclical and holographic nature of the universe.

In this meditation, instead of going outside ourselves into space, you're going to grab a ride on a double helix right down into the space inside your body.

So, you're going to zoom down very quickly so that you're smaller even than a cell, maybe the size of an atom, and you're going to land smack bang inbetween two cells in your body.

But from your vantage point, each of these cells will be the size of a planet, and you'll be floating alongside them in the inky blackness of the infinite space that exists between evey cell in your body.

Now, while staying the same size, expand your awareness and become aware that what we see as a planet, could very well be a single cell floating in a huge body. And that body may be on a planet that is a cell floating inside an even huger body.

How long do you think the universe could carry on cycling like that?

And is size really definite, or is it a relative idea? If an entire planet can be a cell and a universe can fit inside a body, how small or how big are we really? And where does it end?

Inside Outside Meditation Instructions

Find somwhere where you can sit or lie down comfortably undisturbed for about half an hour.

If you're lying down, make sure that your knees are slightly bent. Also make sure you're warm enough and in a comfortable position where you won't need to shift or adjust yourself.

If you meditate regularly, feel free to use whatever meditation position you find comfortable.

Clear your chakras, pull in your energy boundaries and call on your Higher Power and guides if you are inclined.

Close your eyes, do a basic relaxation exercise and ground yourself fully into your body.

When you are ready, climb a double helix, but follow it into your own body, shrinking yourself down quite rapidly.

Where you enter your body and land is entirely up to you. You could try almost a feeling of sinking down into your chest center.

What's important is that you shrink down quite rapidly and land somewhere inside your body, between your cells.

Your cells can be any size at this point, and you can shrink down further so that they are roughly the size of a planet in comparison to you.

If you'd like, shrink down even smaller or face away into the blackness.

Now feel the space around you, and feel how that, even though you know this space is so small and tiny, it feels so huge to you.

Have you noticed how space always feels spacious and infinite when you're in it? How there always seems to be more than enough to fit your body?

Now focus on the fact that this universe is in inside a body. Could our universe be inside a body? Could we just be part of one single cell? Could every cell in our bodies contain an entire population of humanity, of people, of life?

Try and hold the contrasting ideas that the space is huge and tiny, or the cyclical nature of the universe in your mind for longer and longer periods everytime you do this. It has an incredible cumulative effect.

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