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Space Reorientation


This advanced level meditation will help you break the limiting boundaries of concepts, by introducing completely new ideas, and ways for you to look at the same old things.

  Space Reorientation Meditation Instructions

This meditation is fantastic for increasing your overall conscious awareness, as well as changing with your understanding of and orientation to physical space.

Over time, this mediotation will also help you understand the concept of artifical and self-imposed rules and boundaries, and the idea that a lot of the concepts we take as givens don't actually even exist.

In a nutshell, you're going to zoom out of your body, seeing it externally the way you would with astral travelling or as people describe experiencing in near death experiences.

As you zoom out further and further, you'll see your house and eventually you'll be able to see your house and bed on the face of the earth.

Now you realize that technically they're facing upside down, and your body is hanging of the bottom of the earth about to drop down?, forward? into a black abyss.

Or is it? Because technically you could be at any point on earth and that would be true.... in space there is no up or down, left or right, backwards or forwards, because there is nothing for those directionalities and dimensions to be orientated to.

Space Reorientation Meditation Instructions

Sit or lie somewhere where you can settle comfortably and won't be disturbed for a while.

Lie down with your knees bent slightly, in a position where you won't have to shuffle or adjust yourself and can be comfortable for at least half an hour.

Make sure you're warm enough and that there's nothing in the room that will irritate you.

As always, feel free to adopt a more traditional meditation pose if that is more comfortable for you.

Close your eyes and imagine you are rising up out of your body, lighter than air. If you astral travel, feel free to use the technique you usually use for lifting yourself up out of your body.

Turn around so that you are facing yourself as you begin to zoom out in jumps. First the ceiling of your room, then outside your house, but you can still see yourself lying on your bed.

Jump outside the ozone layer into space and begin to see the horizon of earth. But realize now that it is upside down, the curve isn't below you: the bottom of earth is in front of you.

See yourself lying on the bed and realize that you are hanging forward, about to drop down into a an inky abyss of blackness.

If you're brave enough, settle here for a moment and enjoy the feeling of of watching yourself about to fall.

Now become aware that you aren't going to fall, because if you zoom out just a little further, what you see is that the planet is just a ball hanging in the inky blackness of space.

There is no up or down, no left or right, no diagonal, no backwards or forwards.... there's nothing to orientate those directions to.

There's no ground beneath your feet, no sky above your head. If you simply turn around and face the other way into the blackness, there's no direction at all in fact: there's just you and the blackness.

There's nothing to move towards and from, it's all the same.

When you are finished playing and come back out, try and hold that directionless thought while you are conscious and fully awake.

Just for a second, try and hold the thought that you are hanging upside down from the earth by your feet, about to fall down into an abyss.

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