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Watcher Meditation


THis meditation takes some mental focus to pull off, especially once you start playing with variations of it.

It may be hard work to master, but it's worth mastering.

  Watcher Meditation Instructions

This is another mind expanding meditation that has the added benefit of helping you learn to identify with and recognize your other self.

Over time, as you work with this meditation more and more, you will eventually find that it gives you better control over your inner voice and your other self, or watcher.

With practice over time, you'll be able to be in both modes at the same time, literally watching yourself as you engage in conversations and do things.

If you're an IT geek, it's kind of like having a huge processor running; you can simultaneously run four streams of processing: manage your conscious stuff, the background unconscious stuff that normally goes on, consciously control your inner voice and you can watch it all happening at the same time.

Yes it also leads to thinking and processing faster and eventually managing two separate streams, like stay in a conversation totally while still thinking about what's currently on your mind.

Over time, this process also helps you absorb and expand to understand bigger concepts, like the fact that time isn't linear, or chronological. It's more geographical :)

It's a pretty cool feeling when that idea sinks in and you start thinking from that point of view as your belief system. It significantly changes how you look at events, reincarnation, past lives, karma, future incarnations and the whole concept of the dream state.

Start Here

Find somewhere comfortable where you can sit or lie down undisturbed for about half an hour, in a position where you are warm and comfortable and won't have to shift yourself around.

Call on your guides, clear chakras, balance your energy and prepare as you wouold normally. Do a relaxation exercise the first few times - it always helps your system adapt to new ideas more easily.

It's not necessary to always do this as a full meditation, but it is best to do it that way in the beginning so that you get the full integrated effect of the meditation.

Once you're a bit more practised with connecting to the viewer, start doing it in meetings and when you're working, or even when you are wandering the shops aimlessly. It may give an edge on manipulating time and it gives you a really cool way to while away those boring meetings that are just somehow necessary to have.

Keep a notebook with you so that you can write down insights in private, because big thoughts come when you do processes like this. You will need to blurt that thought out somehow, so writing it works. Your boss is not going to be pleased if you blurt out some brilliant life truth - even if it is somewhat life-changing. That's not what Monday meetings are for :)

Also meditations like these tend to make you spacy - and it's fun to enjoy that spacy feeling and the mind-expanding thoughts that often come along with it.

Ground yourself into your body, perhaps even doing a grounding exercise.

The more solidly you feel part of your body when you start this, the higher the contrast as the watcher will be, and the more easily you will be able to identify it.

Now spend some time feeling for your mind, feel to the very edges of it, and play with it a little.

Once you're comfortable with where your mind is, become aware of the location of your eyes again, and without opening your eyes, see yourself as seeing out through your eyes - almost as if you were in a roleplaying video or computer game.

Just spend some time here initially, feeling for the balance between the part of you that is the body and the part of you that looks out through the body and the eyes.

When you are ready, open your eyes and "look out" through your eyes, and notice what has changed.

Watcher Meditation Exercise Variations

Try variations of the exercises as you become more accustomed to working with the watcher:

1. Try feeling for the limits of your mind and looking out through your eyes from various distances within your mind, eg. from right at the back, from halfway, on the right side, on the left.

2. If you're feeling brave, flip to the other side of your eyes, and look into your eyes looking out. The challenge of holding both points of view at the same time can cause your brain to twitch a little bit in the beginning, but it's worth it once you get there.

3. Try engaging the watcher in various situations and see how you view them differently.

4. Try using the watcher when you are playing with your intuition or before you go into a meditation and see how it alters it.

5. Try talking to someone when you have engaged the watcher and see how you view them differently.

When you start playing with the watcher in public, the most difficult thing to do is to remember to do the practical stuff, because this can be a very fun space to operate from.

Just remember to ground yourself occasionally and otherwise have fun. This is a mind expanding exercise that over time will alter the way you view and interact with almost everything.

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So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

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