The requirements of food, shelter and survival have very little care for your current emotional state - they always demand to be fed.

What this means is that sometimes you are going to need help putting your stuff aside and getting back into the swing of things.

The following techniques are tools that you can use to generate practical functionality in your system so that you can sit down and get your daily tasks done, without feeling that you are paralyzed by your emotion.


Practical Functionality Tool: BodyTalk Cortices Tapping

The BodyTalk Cortices Tapping Technique is one of those amazing one-size-sits-all energy healing tools that everyone should have in their toolbox. 

In order to use the process effectively to create practical functionality, there are three short steps you need to take before you tap it out.

  1. Place your fingertips on your eyes and then place your hands on your head while saying out loud:
    "I anchor sight to my brain for practical functionality."
  2. Take a deep sniff through your nose only and then place your hands on your head while saying out loud:
    "I anchor smell to my brain for practical functionality."
  3. Lastly, cup your hands over your ears and then place your hands on your head while saying out loud:
    "I anchor sound to my brain for practical functionality."

Now tap it out with the Cortices Tapping Technique >>>


Practical Functionality Tool: Acupressure

The second tool for creating practical functionality is five-point acupressure circuits from the book Five Point Touch Therapy by Pierre-Noël Delatte, MD.

Complete the following three circuits for maximum efficacy. 

  1. Restoring the Energetic Coordination of the Brain
  2. Restoring the Fundamental Vibration
  3. Restoring the Yin Yang Balance

If you are really pushed for time, only do the circuit for restoring the energetic coordination of the brain. Do try and come back to complete the entire circuit later in the day though.

The second and third circuits help to balance and restore your system, so it is important that you do them whenever possible as well.


Practical Functionality Tool: Music & Sound Therapy

The final immediate relief tool for creating practical functionality the utilization of music and sound frequency and vibration therapy.

Music and sound is something we can all relate to - and the tracks I'm about to suggest have been shown to assist with cognitive and practical functionality, as well as calming your overall system and benefiting you long term.

Listen to them in the background while you're working and watch your productivity increase.


For the record, yes - I listen to a lot of Mozart to help me concentrate. It truly is amazing for creative and focused workflow.

Sound Therapy Tracks

Chances are this is going to be very new to you, so just relax and enjoy.

These tracks will work directly on the frequency and vibration of your body without you having to focus on it. Listen to these two tracks in order, they'll help you reach and clear areas that you wouldn't otherwise be able to clear.

Binaural Beats

These sounds are going to sound very bizarre to you, so a way to use them is to play them at the same time as another audio track, with the tone at a softer level. 


Spiritual Practical Functionality Tool: Guided Visualization

This last tool is if you are very open to the spiritual.

Entities, implants and other demons that connect to us have the ability to throw our systems completely off kilter.

The following guided visualization is a powerful tool for clearing any attachments, implants or entities, and teaches you how to do it for yourself so that you can do it ongoing.

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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