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What kind of healing do you need?

What kind of healing do you need?

This calculator will let you identify the type of healing work that is most applicable to where you are in your development right now, based on statements that reflect what is happening in your life.

All you have to do is select the statements that best apply to what you are experiencing right now, and like magic, healing modality suggestions will appear on the next page.

Because we know everyone is different, and ready to work with different modalities, you can then scroll through the modalities we suggest, and opt to include only the modalities that you feel comfortable trying in your results.

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Optional Prayer

Before we start, please consider taking a moment to say this prayer to the Holy Spirit, your angels, guides or whichever deity you feel comfortable addressing. All are welcome here.

This prayer will invite Source into the healing relationship and allow you to be guided to choose the best answers, finding the right resources for you.

If you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to skip it.

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Holy Spirit, Guides, Angels, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, please hear my prayer.

Today, I will make NO decisions by myself. Today, in this moment, I choose the day and answers that will be given to me.

I don't not know how to do this myself, and I will never know how to do this for myself. But I trust you, and I trust you to choose for peace and forgiveness for me.

Guide my every thought, word, action and deed, and let me honor the messages you send without editing or judgement. Please choose for faith and trust for me, and show me how to grow my faith.

I choose this instant as the one to offer you, and ask that your blessing descends on this endeavor, and bring all affected souls to peace.

I ask you to please take this moment and dedicate it to holiness so that I may walk in love, complete once again.


What's currently happening with you?

Look at the lists of statements below, and select one statement from each dropdown that most applies to you, and then tick all the checkboxes that apply to your life right now, regardless of the intensity of the experience.

For a more detailed healing experience, focus on a specific area of your life, selecting statements that apply only to that area, e.g. money or a relationship.

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Recommended Modalities & Resources

Below please find modalities recommended based on your current challenges.

Read through the list and select only those that match your current belief system and that you are willing to try.

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