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Chakra Basics


Here you'll find information that applies in general to all the chakras.

  Chakra Basics

Chakra Basics is an overview of all seven chakras collectively, as well as tips and tools to work with your chakras.

You have seven main chakras or energy points located on your body.

Use this text transcription to easily reference concepts we've covered in the video.

Understanding Chakras - Chakra Basics

You have seven main points of energy on your body known as chakras. Collectively the energy emitted by these seven points makes up your aura or energetic field.

Your base chakra is located at the tip of your spine. It governs physical and material matters, survival, security, and manifestation.

Imbalances in your base chakra will result in you feeling ungrounded, spaced out, insecure, and having money issues.

Physical problems that could result as a result of your root chakra being out of balance are problems with your joints, bones, and lower intestine.

Your second or sacral chakra is located just below and behind your bellybutton. This chakra governs your emotions, sexuality, creativity, relationships, and self-worth.

If you have an imbalance in this chakra you will have trouble expressing emotions and creativity as well as fertility issues. Other physical ailments can be found in the bladder, lower back, and abdomen.

Your solar plexus chakra is located at your solar plexus or diaphragm and governs personal power, energy, metabolism, happiness, and self esteem.

Imbalances in your solar plexus chakra will result in you feeling stressed out, fatigued, and powerless. Physical ailments include ailments of the digestive organs such as heartburn as well as ailments of the glands and kidneys.

Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest around your sternum or breastbone. It is the gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds and governs love, hope, faith, and trust.

Imbalances in your heart chakra will result in you feeling like your heart is heavy. You'll have trouble saying no and you'll have a lack of hope. Physical problems stemming from the heart chakra may result in heart disease and issues with the lungs, and asthma.

Your throat chakra is located in your neck or throat and governs communication and your voice as well as self-expression and writing.

Imbalances in your throat chakra will lead to you feeling like you can't speak your truth and that your tongue is tied. Physical imbalances in this chakra can result in problems in the respiratory system, the neck, and the throat.

Your third eye or brown chakra is located on your forehead between your two eyes. This chakra governs vision and foresight, ESP and psychic ability, and is also a link to your higher self.

Imbalances in this chakra will result in your mind being in overdrive, overthinking, and lots of negative thoughts. Physical imbalances will manifest as headaches, eye conditions, and issues with physical balance.

Your crown chakra is located at the top or crown of your head and governs spiritual matters as well as your connection to the higher realms and God, Universe, or Source.

Imbalances in this chakra will lead to you feeling disconnected, unplugged, and depressed. Physical expressions of imbalance will happen in the nervous system and brain and will often manifest as suicide or depression.

Less commonly known, you also have another five chakras.

Your 8th chakra activates your spiritual skills and is the energy center of divine love.

Your 9th chakra is your soul's blueprint and represents the sum total of all the skills and abilities you've learned across all your lifetimes.

Your 10th chakra is your connection to earth as well as your ability for divine creativity and manifestation.

Your 11th chakra governs advanced spiritual skills such as teleportation, bilocation, and telekinesis.

Your 12th chakra is your connection to Divinity and the Cosmos. This chakra also governs your connection to universal unity.

While they're handy to know about, you're hardly ever going to use the higher chakras in your healing work.

At first most people make the mistake of thinking of chakras as being flat spinning disks.

It's going to serve you much better if you think of the chakra as an orb or ball that reflects light out at various points and angles, kind of like a disco ball.

So the first thing you'll notice now, is that your chakras give off energy to the front and back of your body.

Another interesting fact to note, is that you have minor chakras in your shoulders, hips, hands, and feet.

In addition, each major chakra also has its own internal set of seven chakras. So this means your base chakra has a base chakra of base chakra as well as a sacral chakra of base chakra, a solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra within the actual base chakra itself.

The chakra system is also used as a model for evolution and to show the stages of development and growth that each human being goes through.

From the ages of zero up until our seventh birthday, we are in base chakra cycle and this period is governed by a need for security and establishing security and a firm foundation.

Around the age of 7, we become interested in other people. This continues until the age of 14 where we are expressing our sexuality, our creativity, establishing our relationships and our self-worth.

At the age of 14, we enter the dreaded teenage years and we start expressing our sense of personal power. We want to set the rules, we want to be the authority.

Heart chakra in our early adulthood sees us become interested in matters of love,not only romantic love and connections to other people but also what we love, what drives us.

As we enter our years of expression and throat chakra, many of us feel the urge towards a permanent romantic relationship. During this time many of us feel that we need to express who we are and our truths.

The third eye chakra years that take place between the ages of 36 and 42 are about as expressing our vision.

These are the years when many people find themselves drawn to the career of choice, finding a career that is a permanent solution for them and it becomes a stage and a time during which they feel the need to truly find and express a vision that incorporates all the aspects of their being and who they are.

The crown chakra years usually trigger a midlife crisis for many people where they begin questioning the fundamentals and foundations of who they think they are and have become across their lives.

The most important thing to remember when working with your chakras is that they are a system, so you need to work with them collectively as well as individually.

Color will always be an effective ally to use when working with chakras.

Simply stimulate the chakra by wearing or being surrounded by or exposed to the color of the chakra. You could also look at the chakra alternate colors in order to subdue a chakra.

You can also try eating foods in the color of a chakra in order to stimulate that chakra.

Imagining the chakra as a ball and bouncing it in your mind or physically with your hand is another very effective way to work with chakras.

You can also visualize the chakra as a glass orb and pull out any darkness, gunk or negative energy you see. Spinning a chakra will help you to stimulate it, while spinning it anti-clockwise can slow it down.

You have three physical chakras - your base chakra, your sacral chakra, and your solar plexus chakra.

The heart chakra is considered the bridge between the three physical and the three spiritual chakras.

The three remaining chakras are therefore your spiritual chakras - your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and lastly your crown chakra.

The chakras are also grouped into alternating pairs.

Your base and crown chakras are grouped together and serve as the foundation of your physical and spiritual realities.

Your sacral and third eye chakras each govern the things that you create on the spiritual and physical levels, respectively.

Your solar plexus and throat chakras speak to your power and expression on both the physical and spiritual levels.

As the bridge between the physical and spiritual, the heart has no alternate.

Meditation sounds or chants for each chakra

Base chakra - LAM or OO
Sacral chakra - VAM or OH
Solar plexus chakra - RAM or AW
Heart chakra - YAM or AH
Throat chakra - HAM or EH
Brow chakra - OHM or IH
Crown chakra - NG or EE

There are so many fantastic yoga poses you can adopt for your daily laughter yoga practice.

Personally, I find that standing up straight on one leg while your arms are in the air with the other foot pressed against your knee so that you're in yoga tree position is really the best way to go.

Actually no, I'm just kidding. What you need is a comfy position and if you're really up for it a mirror for extra comedic input.

Base chakra - HOO-HOO
Sacral chakra - HOH-HOH
Solar plexus chakra - HAW-HAW
Heart chakra - HAH-HAH
Throat chakra - HEH-HEH
Brow chakra - HIH-HIH
Crown chakra - HEE-HEE

A visual overview of important Chakra information, at a glance.

All the Chakra locations on the body, at a single glance.

A visual overview of the five Higher Chakras, which govern spiritual development.


Chakra Anatomy

A chakra is more like an orb or ball, than flat disc.

Imagine it as a disco ball sending out multiple rays of light in every direction.

Chakras send energy to the back and front of your body.

Where your energy meets another person's energy, that combination of energy is the energy of the relationship, as well the 'connection' you feel.

Additional Chakras

You have minor chakras in your:

In addition you have another five chakras above your Crown Chakra, all governing different aspects of your spiritual development.

Each chakra also has its own full set of seven chakras.

Chakra Alternates

Crown <==> Base: Foundation & Security

Brow <==> Sacral: Vision & Creation

Throat <==> Solar Plexus: Power & Expression

Heart: Bridge

Physical or Spiritual?

Physical Chakras: Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus

Bridge Chakra: Heart

Heart bridges the physical & spiritual planes

Spiritual Chakras: Throat, Brow & Crown

Chakra Life Stages

Base Chakra - Birth to age 6

Sacral Chakra - Age 7 to 13

Solar Plexus Chakra - Age 14 to 20

Heart Chakra - Age 21 to 27

Throat Chakra - Age 28 to 34

Brow Chakra - Age 35 to 41

Crown Chakra - Age 42 to 48

Critical Mass

Critical Mass, or the Maharishi Effect, has been measured as the square root of 1% of any given population, as shown in various experiments, including those performed by the FBI.

This means 1 person impacts 100 around them, while two people impact 400, and 3 impact 900.

By this measure, we need only 144,000 enlightened beings to facilitate the shift.

Read more about the Maharishi Effect


Chakra Healing Exercises

Chakra exercises are a versatile resource to to have in your toolkit. They allow you to work on the overall system in general and zero in on a specific area of focus - and you can even you do both at the same time.

Chakra exercises are also great to append on to any other set of work you're doing: by bringing your spiritual and energegtic self into alignment with what you're working on will mean that you will resonate with it more quickly, often making it feel like a completely natural change.

Chakras can be manipulated in a wide number of ways, from colour to sounds and even laughter.

They can be incorporated into meditations and regular cleaning and balancing of your chakras allows you to do great preventative maintenance across the phyiscal, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously.

How To Ground Yourself Energetically

You can use this exercise to reenergise and reinvigorate yourself and it's a great way to settle yourself after a shock or trauma or when you're feeling scattered or unfocused.

Imagine energy flowing from source or your higher power into the crown of your head.

Let that energy travel down your neck, splitting at your shoulders to go into your two arms where it leaves your hands and grounds itself with roots into the earth.

Let the energy travel further down your spine to your hips, where the energy splits and moves down your legs, also rooting itself into the earth.

At your second or sacral chakra, imagine a rope growing out from that point and rooting itself right down into the center of the earth - the very core of the planet.

Let energy cycle throughout your body for as long as you need, with positive energy flowing into and through you and negative energy travelling back along the same pathways to be returned to source to be cleansed.

Positive energy can both flow down from source or up from the earth, and negative energy can flow back to both sources for transmutation and release too.

Sitting on a rock for a few minutes and really feeling your buttocks rooting into the stone is another great way to ground yourself.

A quick way to ground yourself is to walk barefoot outside on the grass or beach. You can also experiment with wetting the grass.

Use the chant, or laughter yoga sound, associated to each chakra, to stimulate or calm it, as necessary.

While you are visualising, chanting or making your laughter yoga sound, place your focus on the area of your body associated to that chakra as indicated in the diagram.

Focus on the chakra you want to stimulate or on one chakra at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top to do a complete system overhaul, clean up or reboot.


Chakra Symbols

Simply meditate on the symbol for the chakra you want to stimulate or correct. Holding your intention to slow or speed it up is enough.

You literally just sit and look at the symbol, or print it & place it around.

Spin the Orbs

Imagine each chakra as a spinning globe of light and stimulate each globe to spin clockwise if you want it to speed up and have MORE impact.

Spin it counterclockwise to slow the effects down.

Cosmic Vacuum

See a cosmic vacuum cleaner sucking out any gunk that might be in the globes or orbs of your chakras.

It doesn't matter if it's actually there - the power of the exercise lies in your intention to remove any gunk.

Color Healing

Wear a chakra's colour to stimulate that chakra and the energies around it, or draw, color in or paint with the color.

You could also sit in a room that contains a lot of the color, or put some food coloring into your bathwater.

Changing a Belief

When trying to change a belief: meditate, focus or chant on the chakra most affiliated to that belief to help with quicker assimilation and integration.

Using Color Healing

Do an art project, buy a tinted lightbulb or temporarily cover a window with coloured cellophane to get exposure to the colour you want to work with.

  Get Help

Once you start working with healing tools, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

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