The Perfect Blowjob

How to use this resource

It couldn't be simpler...

Either go through the tool, answer the questions and save the results to send or give to your partner, or use the tool to prepare to speak to them.

A third option is to go through the tool together.

When it comes the technical stuff...

Just fill in the form, hit submit to generate your results, and once you're done tweaking them you can print to PDF.

But I'm embarrassed!

That's the point of the tool... we've listed all the areas to discuss so that you don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about raising an issue.

Just answer the questions honestly and you'll be surprised at how easy it actually is to have a discussion like this.

Great sex is all about communication, but being human we're very prey to the failings of communication, including shame, embarrassment, vulnerability and doubt about what you want to say to or ask of your partner.

The Perfect Blowjob is an interactive sex coaching tool that offers men a platform through which to express their desires to their partner, while removing the burden of shame and embarrassment.

Because the tool is digital, it means you can work alone in your own time and avoid the issues that conversations like these usually cause.

Your partner then receives the information in non-inflammatory language and has time to process it in their own space.

This ensures that each of you is an active participant in this delicate conversation, while removing the embarrassment and shame that usually leads to people storming out of conversations like these.

Suggested Coaching Aid

This Solfeggio Sound Therapy Track is designed to help you feel more connected in your relationships.

Listening to this track while completing the tool to feel more positively and lovingly connected to your partner. This will enable you to communicate more clearly from the heart, and will result in your communication being more openly accepted when your partner receives it.

This track is on YouTube and requires an active Internet line.

If you are single and using the tool, then please still listen to the track.

Generating loving feelings of connection will help you to release past pain, trauma and lack of forgiveness, shortening the time period in which you will attract your loving partner into your life.

Listen to the Solfeggio 639Hz Relationship Reconnection Track >>

Perfect Blowjob Tool

Clarify for yourself and your partner what you do and don't enjoy in a blowjob.

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