Mirrors Theme: Duality List

choosing, choice or free will

the state of being able to select (between, from, for); the right to choose or make a choice.

separated or separation

physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distance from (a person, object, experience, environment).

alone or isolation

the state of being by oneself; isolated from others (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

lonely, abandoned or loneliness, abandonment

the state of feeling (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual distress) as a result of being alone; feeling that someone or something has caused this state of emotional distress.

equal or equality

the state of being on par or equivalent (in importance) to a person, object.

balanced or balance

the state of having achieved equilibrium, most often characterised by peaceful emotional and mental environments.

synchronized or synchronicity

a state of flow, concurrence, comfort in (communication, engagement, interactions): actions are synchronized.

controlling, controlled or control

the state of directing another (person, animal, object)’s behavior, thoughts, actions, deeds; being directed or controlled.

chasing or chased

the act of pursuing another (person, animal, object); the state of being pursued.

loving, loved or love

romantic or platonic emotional expression; the state of being (caring, affectionate, intimate, attentive); the state of being loved.

in or out of love, being in or out of love

the state of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual excitement caused by the presence of another (person, animal, object, experience, passion); no longer experiencing a thrill or excitement caused by another.

surrendering, letting go, giving up, losing or surrender, loss

the state or condition of ceasing resistance and allowing (destiny, a Higher Power, fate, choice, luck, life, reality) to play out, even though this seems to be contrary to your desires.

accepting, accepted or acceptance

a state of agreement with a (person, object, event, experience), without resistance; being welcomed by another (person, animal, environment).

avoiding or taking responsibility, responsibility

the state of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual obligation to oneself, another, life, an employer, family, children; the required behaviors for success.

compatible or compatibility

the state of beign in agreement or concord with another) person, animal, object, experience); flowing well and working easily (together).

humble, humbled or humility

the state of knowing one’s place in relation to another (person, experience); the state of being reduced from a position of confidence.

jealous, possessive or jealousy, possessiveness

the state of feeling emotionally and mentally the ‘owner’ of another: MY girlfriend; the state of feeling threatened by potential competitor suitors for your partner’s affection.

betrayed, betraying or betrayal

the state of having loyalty dishonored or trust broken through a single or series or careless deeds or acts.

powerless or powerlessness

the state of feeling that you have no ability to effect change, the situation is entirely outside your control and you have no power to change it.

attached or attachment

the state of being bound to another (person, animal, object), where the removal of that elements will cause physical, emotional, mental, spiritual distress.

creating, manifesting or creation, manifestation

the state of being able to materialize (a desire, wish, want, dream, object) into reality; the state of creating (in life; at work; as an artist, musician); most commonly manifest money, experiences, wealth.

proud or pride

the state of feeling (superior, confident) to another (person, object, experience); the state of hiding your (emotions, experiences, circumstances) from another person because of internalized benchmarks of where you should be: not (allowing another to know, ever admitting) that you don’t meet those benchmarks.


the act of (physical, emotional, mental) betrayal (most often in a romantic relationship); the state of lying to or short-changing another person, usually for personal gain.

changing physically or physical changes

the state of evolution within your physical body, in your appearance and physical presence.

changing sexually or sexual changes

the state of evolution of your sexual (preferences, desires, wants); the state of expressing a different part of yourself sexually: moving (into or out of), a same sex romantic realtionship; discovering or admitting a repressed sexual urge.




The Butterfly Release will help your system get unstuck and process emotions and awarenesses more quickly.

Doing it before mirrors will help you loosen anything that is stuck, and help you process more quickly during the session.

Do this first

Your Interactive Mirrors of Relationship Question Tools

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1. The Mirror of People

What does this lesson come to show me about myself and the other people around me? What don't I want to see or acknowledge?

Mirror of People

2. The Mirror of Ego

Where do I feel inferior or superior to people or in situations around me? What do I judge, fear, doubt, envy or feel shame about in my present or past?

Mirror of eGO

3. The Mirror of Expectation & Desire

What do I expect of myself, the people around me, life and my Higher Power? What do the people around me expect of me? Do I live to expectations?

Mirror of expectation

4. The Mirror of Loss & Sacrifice

What have I lost, sacrificed, given up, had stolen, or had taken away from me? Where have I not released or forgiven that loss?

Mirror of loss

5. The Mirror of Programming

What beliefs, belief systems, habits, patterns, traditions, ideals, principles and ethics have I adopted - and which are really me?

Mirror of programming

6. The Mirror of Balance

How do I find balance and meaning in my relationships? Where do I experience conflict or being out of balance?

Mirror of balance

7. The Mirror of the Soul

What lessons does my soul want to teach me? Is there anything here related to karma, my mission programming, purpose or vision?

Mirror of the soul

8. The Mirror of the Dark

What lessons and orientation do I need from the dark? Am I experiencing a trial by fire or in a dark night of the soul?

Mirror of the dark

9. The Mirror of the Cosmos

What lessons am I learning from the Cosmos, my Higher Power, God, the Universe or Source, and in the Golden Age of Aquarius?

Mirror of the cosmos